How good sports body and spirit does, I have only experienced in the advanced age. The key experience of intervertebral disc prolapse with devastating pain, operation, and all that has been associated with it, has taught me that it is important to respect itself and its body. For the first time, I perceived correctly that good. And indeed very extensive, not only of the influenced sports the whole feeling of life positive. A wonderful experience.

Now sport is a really wide field in ist possible meanings. Strength can be exercised and perseverance. It is one thing to train the muscles, another thing to have no need to use an oxygen trolley coming up to the 5th floor in an old staircase house. Both I find important 😊.

My old credo: there are many ways leading to Rome and so I like to try out new training methods. In addition, my unbroken curiosity is even more familiar with the variety of different workouts. This shows me also my own weaknesses and strengths, what my body can do everything and where the deficits lie. Whether Yoga, Power Plate, Aerobic Theraband or EMS – in any of these activities I find parts that give incredibly fun to me. Also this aspect I find extremely important.

During my last trip, I took the opportunity to get to know the training on TRX loops. So I hang myself in the tapes and simply made what my trainer told me. Depending on the exercise, the loops can be adjusted infinitely to any height, thus enabling a multitude of movements that can be quite strenuous. As the straps dangle from the ceiling, you have to keep the body constantly stable in the wobbly loops. It means first finding the right balance. While exercing the big muscle chains get activated as well as the small ones behind them. That’s what the coach told me. Finding and maintaining the stability requires a certain degree of co-ordination and I would like to say a little basic fit is necessary to stand it. Just imagine you’re not doing a free recliner on the ground, but in moving loops, then you know roughly what I’m talking about. The missing fixation makes the difference. In some exercises, the muscles also start to tremble or even contract. However, this is harmless and shows only the high muscular load.

Mit TRX sportlich "abhängen"
Hanging in the loops

Conclusion: I really enjoyed it. After half an hour I was obviously exhausted and my muscles had have noticeably great joy. And this with only two snares and my own body weight. Really cool. I do not want to keep silent: I was a bit proud of myself. At home, I would not trust the snares, because TRX is not the easiest workout in my opinion, and I am afraid to train myself for malposition or wrong movements. But in any case a great thing for personal trainings with an effective whole body training.

Mit TRX sportlich abhängen
Straps for muscles

I like it 😊!

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