You really may ask what the hell plate and hits have in common to me. But seriously it’s the power plate, what we call in german short and simple „plate“. I hope it is in your gym also under the equipment to be found. Otherwise look at times for a test training at clever fit, which has got the plate. It is certainly not so that I would be too lazy to fit me with circuit training or other exercises hold. I do anyway. It is also not the time factor, because often the 10 minutes units are placed in the foreground. No, the plate really works wonders, you have to try and experience it yourself. It’s just awesome! The whole body feels much more mobile and really loose after 10 minutes. To me it’s a fact, that the lymph system also benefits from the workouts on the plate. I notived after a few units, that the swelling underneath my eyes got less. And the effect holds on since then. That’s really great for me. I can imagine that even people with jaw problems (crunchies) can achieve an improvement for themselves. Try it out for sure. Or ask your trainer.
In addition to these great “side effects” are the numerous 10-minute units, which can be selected via screen, all famous. No matter which programm you choose (Anti-Cellulite, Skiing Gym, etc.). Each unit can be matched individually to your needs and wishes. Also the time interval, strengh of vibration and at least also to your fitness level. On the plate girls! Just try it out.

And apropos of OSTEOPOROSIS and the Power Plate (see relatet post here). With my steady workouts on the plate my bone density increased 8,4% during the latest 5 years. Since I work on the plate since 2016 I must believe there is a relation.  On the following diagram oft he bone denity measurement by means of DEXA you see the „success“.

According to my doctors statement, Dr. med. Stefan Reinsdorf, a lost of 5% of bone density is statistically normal in that age and period. So this is the prove, that you can get things changed to the good if you really want and take care of your body!
I’m curious about your experience with the record and look forward to your comments and hearts!

PS: I like most the workouts with my Senior Personaltrainer Mirjana Müller. She’s offering MIRYOGA holistic Personal Coach Concepts in the >clever fit< gym in Bad Vilbel! You see her on the post photo on the other power plate.
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