Hand on heart girls, who does not keep a close eye on once fingers? In fact I certainly do and any time I meet a person, no matter if male or female. The scan doesn’t take more than a second and the decision is quickly made – good or bad manicured nails, looking well-groomed or unkempt. In case there’s even a reservoir under the nails – JUCK – that’s more than a no go!
While scanning the nail situation I take a closer look at the details. Gel nails or shellac oder natural and well manicured or just ready for the next manicure date oder better change your nail spa. –
Sorry, but I really catch me thinking stereotyped in this case and I believe many people do so. Manicure is a big point in the overall appearance and in my opinion well manicured hands and nails are an absolut MUST. At least for me. Even if I see from time to time celebrities with short cut nails and chipped nail polish. Perhaps I just miss a new trend, that has no chance to get established or may be it’s just the category #imperfect. No matter.

In times of very creative nail art with pointed claws, colour experiments, small stickers and painted designs the question obviously arises, if all this can be good for your natural nail in the long run.

As far as you already know I startet a range of topics with the skin and vein expert, Dr. Sander (Frankfurt / Dietzenbach) who already refered on the issue of spider veins. His view on this subject seems to be important and here is his answer for you:
A healthy nail will not be destroyed by gelly or false nails. The lack of oxygen supply may thin down your natural nail. Also the periodical procedure to fill up the nails can cause damages to the natural nail; same with removal. It often concerns also the nail bed, which is very sensitive and can be prone to inflammation. This is reason why you should take break times if possible. The stabilizing effect can take  you up to 5 months. In my daily experience the risk of infections and nail mycosis is often not sufficiently recognized. This is because, despite the cleaning procedure bacteria, viruses or germs can remain under the gel or other material. Whenever you experience inflammation or nail mycosis it may be painful and a long lasting process to heal. So in case you’re worried about a nail I strongly recommend a doctor’s visit to avoid a serious desease, because it’s easily overlooked under the gel.

Summery Renate: no risk no fun, or just follow up the natural trend to wear natural nails with beautiful colours that pimp your style and outfit. Care for your hands, it’s so focused.

You will find further informations and answers to many other questions all around the topic „skin“ on: www.hautinfo.de.


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