Fortunately, the time where doing aging has had only one style is over and I’m a fan of rocking aging, rocking the stage, life and fashion. Life and I, we still like each other, even when the wrinkless come and somehow any gouts Let’s forget it!

Girls, let’s bang on the same drum! Best to got out on the street and make riot for the second halft of life together – social, plitically and in any case tith our fashion statement still running. Showing posters that we don’ let us kick out! Grey Panthers instead of grey mice. Let’s show that we still have a lot of drive and dance until the bones squeak!

From the idea, getting some nice pictures with my unrestrained pleasure with fashion and stylings under a special headline –

We don’t allow anybody to kick us ot of the “fashion” bucket!

A number of photos were created, which I would like to introduce you today. The outfits are very different only the spoon is of course always.

Under each picture you will find the corresponding notes to the outfit! So get inspired and position yourself confidently with your style Rock’n Roll, Baby!

Black & White

Black & White. The extravagant 3-divider consisting of skirt, top and belt. Of course you can combine every single part to other garments, but the 3 together are the best! On Frankfurt’s streets the tires would squeal, but for Paris or New York I can imagine it very well. Of course you need courage for that, but this article is about it!

Outfit: Lassal, Hat: H & M, Spoon: Butlers


This dress in off-white really did it to me. It is actually a classic in A-line form, turns out to be really eye-catching with the mega-high heels. Especially nice are the details, so the patch pockets and the gray piping.

Dress: byMi, cloth: Joop !, shoes: mi roberta, Spoon: from my kitchen

My Fall Favorite

This look is really “mine.” The pants in Marlene style with the large floral pattern in the colors that are just polpular this fall in combination with a lace blouse with flounces at the button bar and sleeves, which has been hanging in my closet for years. In addition a fur vest that really goes almost to everything, the outfit is wonderfully warm and cuddly, the heels with rivet details make it ultra-fine. My personal favorite!

Fur vest, Blouse: Heine, Pants: incognito, Shoes: Lassal, Spoon: from my photographer

The future is female

No, I’m not a hardliner feminist, but I think it’s harder for us in some parts of life as for men and this situation doesn‘t improve getting older. This outfit just calls you up to go out and demonstrate. Just do something wild, or brave – showing we are not mainstream. #be cheeky

Fur Vest: Lassal, Shirt: H & M, Skirt: Esprit, Overknees: Carla G., Spoon: Butlers

Weil ich'n Mädchen bin!

This dress has conquered my heart instantly. That was love at first sight. Just my thing. A statement dress against the evening dress classic. I’m not saying that I do not like the classic evening gowns, but that breaks the ordinary picture. For the extra appearance! For this I wear a pearl necklace laid back. It fits perfectly in the back neckline and is also another variant of the classic form of wear.

Dress: Matsour’i, Shoes: H & M, Spoon: Butlers

So girls, get inspired and find your position confidently with your style! Rock’n roll, baby!

A special thank you

  • to Lassal, who provided me the clothes for the shoot
    NS: I just had to buy the shoes!
  • to Sascha Scherer, who skillfully staged my motto as always!

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