Hey Dears! I spray with joy watching and filtering what the fashion world 2018 offers us and I’m full of enthusiasm. Great colors await us, beautiful cuts, eye-catching details and flowery patterns that make our hearts bloom. From the Trends 2018, many looks can be put into everyday use in fashion 50Plus and also combine with existing ones; after all, the older treasures in your closet should also be back on the fashion stage.

In this article I introduce you to the fashion trends 2018 and show you with examples how they work for the Generation 50Plus.

“Not every fashion trend that comes from the catwalks of the great designers, is suitable for everyday use to style, suits you or not or belongs to your style. We from Ztories by zalon want that everybody can participate in new fashion trends. Renate has taken our trend selection and modified for the generation 50Plus. Thus the everyday styling of current fashion trends succeeds.“

Colors 2018

The new color of the year 2018 is >Ultra Violet<. The color institute Pantone sets a new color every year and this year the choice fell to the number 18-3838 and replaces the greenery (grass green) of last year, which initially reminds us of color fans and wall paints, and indeed plays a decisive role in the world of fashion: violet is also a magical color that stimulates our imagination and is the color of spirit and spirituality. Just think of a blooming lavender field, the purple color pallet is soothing and stimulating at the same time, so it’s an ultra-exciting color, which just urges us to experiment with it. As in clothing but also on eyes, lips and nails. And this is how it looks like:

Modetrends 2018

It fits, that the trend creators offer us further color trends that can be combined well with violet and also stand alone very well. Think of delicious ice cream and you have the whole variety of pastel colors right in front of your eyes. Vanilla, melon, strawberry, mint – tender and light as the summer. Ice cream colors is the keyword.

Modetrends 2018

Another new keyword in the color world is Crayola Colors. This refers to intense and striking pencil colors. The strong colors are red, yellow, purple and green which dominate in its different intensities, jus as a pen that paints them.

Modetrends 2018


They invite you flowery, happy and feminine. Floral prints come on pretty much every single piece of clothing this year. But beware: the look can quickly become too girlish and of course we out of that girly style. My suggestion: combine flowery with plain colors and it will be a ladies look. Here an example for you:

Modetrends 2018

Time for temptation

Seductive transparencies are hot fashion in 2018 and we can participate as well. To show too much skin is neither my way nor meant. Especially for blouses and skirts, I find a bit of looking through charming and elegant at the same time. Here are my proposals:

Fashion Trends 2018

Homage to the 20s in new design

Cheeky fringes were a must on a Charleston dress, plus the feather ribbon in the hair and the cigarette holder lascivious in the corner of the mouth. This year, the fringes are experiencing their revival and can be seen in dresses, blouses and tops. Just as short on coats to teddy plush. Translated to the fashion stage 50Plus: we wear some cloth under the fringes. A noble touch they get, when  you create an optical excess on your skirt or dress.


This is another element in the fashion game. Skirts and tops turn into an eye-catcher with asymmetries. You can create real wow effects with it! Tops with asymmetrical shapes are very suitable for ladies with a slightly larger bust size. Ladies with slender legs score best with asymmetrical skirts and dresses!

Modetrends 2018


The Pencil Skirt was never really gone, but this year it’s coming back focused to the business fashion stage. And of course, we like to take part of this trend and will surely find the one and other pencil skirt in our fashion chest.  We wear it traditionally with classic pumps, or a nice bootie / ankle boots. My styling idea for the summer is a combination with a white bootie – a really tempting statement.

Fashion Trends 2018

In business wear also the trench coat is never really out or in, but is one of the basic must-haves. The cut remains in the classic coat shape, but is partly complemented by flounces or embroidery. Also color is trendy, so it does not have to be the classic trench coat beige. Advantage on the trench: you can combine it to your business outfits as well as to your casual looks. Show colors and dare something new!

Evening Glam

I regret, but honestly, it must be said, what we shoudn’t wear over 50. And this applies for the whole range of slim dresses in the cocktail and evening wear. Whether velvet, silk, sequins or glitter: This fashion items appearing like a breath of nothing won’t attract anybody – even if your body is still in wonderful shape. This fashion area we leave with pleasure for the young and sexy! We score with wonderful cloth instead. And remember: the art of wrap is the essence!

Fashion Trends 2018

Lovely Dears, so much fashion input at once! But finally, it’s an overview for the whole year, which can surely be your inspiration again and again. On details and new styling ideas, I’m surely back in subsequent contributions. Have fun trying out the new fashion trends 2018 and if you have any questions just contact me via comment or the contact sheet on topagemodel.de.

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