Isn’t it just wonderful to feel the summer with all your senses?
Smelling, feeling, tasting! When the fields spray their dry summer scent and the warmth gently envelops you. That’s just the best season for me.

But also culinary summer has a lot to offer! Summer salads, barbecue outside and in the late evening listen to the crickets while singing or just sit and watch the moon and the sky.

When I had prepared a pasta salad for a barbecue recently, all sorts of ingredients were left over, and then I made a SUMMER SALAD from the rest, which tasted so good to my husband that I wrote down the recipe for you. You need:

1 small tin of peas

1 small tin of corn

About half a can of red beans

½ pepper (fresh) in cubes

½  Onion (minced)

about 1/8 watermelon (depending on size, mine was big) in cubes

½ packet of sheep’s milk cheese, in cubes

salt, pepper

olive oil (I chose the sort of oil with a little chili in it)

Put all the ingredients in a bowl, season with salt and pepper until spicy and marinate with olive oil. Herbalists can spice up the salad with parsley or mint depending on the desired flavor. The amount is enough with baguette bread as a side dish for 2 people; accompanying also for 3 or 4.

The wonderful taste of summer

What was further left of the watermelon, I used in a SMOOTHIE. It also tastes like summer and even in such a cheerful pink.

The ingredients:

1/8 melon (from the big one)

1 packet Raspberries (125 gr.)

1 bunch of grapes (amount like on the photo)

1 banana

1 pear

3 small slices of pineapple (fresh)

Juice of a lime

So herrlich schmeckt der Sommer

Put all the ingredients in a blender. If you like, you can increase the sweetness with 50 g of sugar, then top up the fruit porridge with water, mix it again and your summer fruit fresh drink is ready!

So herrlich schmeckt der Sommer

Enjoy the wonderful summer taste!


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