So far, the street sweepers with electric drive have only been associated with retirees. So people who need support when they are pedaling.

Now more and more modern women’s and men’s discoer the new stylish two-wheelers for themselves. And for a good reason. So far, you can pass and smile – unsweaty and moreover emission-free – at (unloved) colleagues, who are in a traffic jam with their Porsche. Even more: you will steal them their show! 🙂

Staying without beads of sweat

The modern woman does not just slip away without a single bead of sweat to work, but uses the e-bike or whatever you like to call it – certainly also for a date for lunch or dinner. In free time, it may then be with full force (without support) calm sweaty.

Lächeln und Winken (wie die Queen)


Which brings up automatically the question of whether the creative word creations around the electro-powered two-wheeler differ somehow. And yes. In any case legally. There is the group of so-called PEDELECS, which are treated by the legislature like bicycles. And that’s because you have to pedal to get started. A helmet, driver’s license or compulsory insurance doesn’t exist in this class-which is normally limited on a support performance up to max. 25 km/h.

In contrast, there is the group of E-BIKES, which are treated as lightweight mopeds or mopeds – so accelerate without pedaling. „Self-drivers“ up to 20 km/h need a Moped-Driving-License or were born after the 31st of March 1965. Since the liability in case of accidents does not apply, there is also compulsory insurance needed and the obligation to use a bicycle helmet.

The greater the choice, the more the effert

Whatever vehicle you choose, you do not necessarily get for „low“. Design, technology and economy are quite different in case and it may be worth taking a look at our current test reports and last but not least you should follow your own needs.

Anyway it’s amazing how posh it can be to ride a sort of this new becycle generation which also offer a huge rage of demands like range (reach), street conditions (urban up to mountain), wight and so on. Due to the really huge selection quantity it seems also important to have a local service, so that things and problems can easily be solved out. Therefore I have arranged some test drives with local dealers. Not least because driving pleasure only arises when the handling is right and you feel safe. Joy should make it to pedal. Also sometimes without e-support when it comes to fitness. Great for harmonizing stylish design with a new understanding of mobility while enjoying the pleasure of driving.

Lächeln und Winken (wie die Queen)
An E-Bike / Pedelec of the manufacture >Dexter-Bikes<, Frankfurt am Main


Have fun discovering the new possibilities!

Photos: Beatrix von Winterfeldt-Heuser

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