Throughout my work and my unbroken „female age future spirit”, to make the 50Plus world a little bit better, I meet many people. There are some for whom my work is too abstract, who see no need to advocate for better pensions, equal pay, aged care, etc. because their life is good as it is. They also do not want a stage for fashion or visibility in the age over 50 – they feel no need. Then there are people who are enthusiastic and share my visions. All those are actively and passively supportive and always motivation that we need this change. And then there are some whose encounter inspires me in particular, impresses me – an just stay in my mind. To introduce you to such personalities, I begin today with the new project >FEMALE FORCE<. I join in with an artist from China, more specifically from Beijing. Her name is SIMA YUAN, she is born in 1980 and has already spent an incredibly colorful life. Her view of the world and the art of creating and living in her art as passion has really impressed me. I kindly introduce:

Starke Frauen: Sima Yuan
Sima Yuan

Why did you study in London?

I chose to work in Pfizer, a world-renowned pharmaceutical company, right after I graduated from Nanjing University with a Bachelor of Biology degree. It’s a well-paid job and my job was to promote antibiotic products. During the three years working there, there was a call inside me, “This is not something I really love. I need to do things about beauty and creation. I need to see a bigger world.” So I quit, on my way to pursue other possibilities in my life. One day, my parents brought me some materials about universities in the UK from a British education exhibition. One of the booklets gained my attention. It was an introduction of University of the Arts London. And I liked it. So I decided to study there, and experience the life in London. So I applied for the only suitable major for me, MA Design Management, with a volume of my early photography works, and was accepted for admission.

Starke Frauen: Sima Yuan

Talking about the place you live, what do you love most?

I used to travel to 5 continents and 21 countries, as well as more than 70 cities in China. As the Chinese saying goes, “Read ten thousand books and travel ten thousand miles”, which means traveling is a good way to experience life. For me, different places are just like different books, differing in their ways to impress me. You can’t compare one with another. I like both of them. Now I’m living in my hometown Beijing. My best friends are here. That’s what I love most.

You live sort of a new life-concept (all in one). How did this idea come up to you and do you think it’s a lifetime project or a kind of living for a period of time?

Exactly. I am right now living this All in One life, integrating life, creation and work, mainly because I want to be free to create works on any subject and also be able to exhibit them in my favorite way, without being restrained by the traditional art power system. It took me 15 months to change a common living place into a studio & art museum completely to my own, where I had curated 11 online-exhibitions with 223 art works exhibited, including a wide variety of photography, installation, poetry, painting, fiction, sound, performance and film. This apartment where I live, is my creative material, my living place, my studio and my museum as well. And I myself, was the director, curator, artist, exhibition decorator, audience, material and exhibit at the same time. With this art project, I have obtained more than 26,000 internet would be a life long project, because life itself is the best works for an artist.

Living in an own Gallery

Which hobbies to you love?

I like traveling, fashion and dessert.

How did you become a painter? Who discovered your talents (since nobody else in your family is artist)?

More precisely, I do not consider myself a painter, but a multi-media artist. Creating with ordinary materials is one of my favorites. All of these started with only a thought to present all the unlikely ideas in a visible way eight years ago. After I finally made up my mind and did it, I officially started my career as an artist. It was I who spotted my talents, not others. Then, the more works you create, the more attention you draw.

Starke Frauen: Sima Yuan

What are your plans for the future?

In the future, I’ll try to combine art with the exploration and research of life science, since these two are originally the two ways for human beings to explore the world. They differ in the ways of exploration and thinking, but the goals are universal for both of them, which is the reason why I don’t want to split the two, but to observe the world in both perspectives. There may be a chance to discover more about the world.


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