Surely you wanna know how the best off autumn trends look like and how you get them adapted to your individual style.
Together with incognito I have compiled various autumn looks and present them in this post.


Animal prints are since long an indispensable part of the fashion world. This fall they do not only turn briefly the fashion world, no, they dominate the looks of many designers wildly from head to toe. Used extensively, as with this two-piece blouse (tied back) and pants, it may need a bit of courage – but you can approach wild cats & Co. also more subtle. To slowly but surely approach this trendzone, one or two wild eyecatcher pieces are enough to spice up the autumn look.

Big Business

Mode-Herbst 2018 die wichtigsten Styles
Mode-Herbst 2018: die wichtigsten Styles
Mode-Herbst 2018 die wichtigsten Styles

An awesome alternative to the uniform black or dark blue at your desk is this olive-colored combination.The blazer is tight and the pants gets through a shiny stripe on the side adds a special pomp and fashionable elegance.

Mode-Herbst 2018: die wichtigsten Styles
Mode-Herbst 2018 - die wichtigsten Styles

The long cardigan under the jacket makes the style go so relaxed.

Dark-haired fashionistas find their perfect match with accessoiries in rosé and yellow. Blonde girls can lighten up their look with a bright blue, as I did in the photo. The pieces are: a light blue top and a super-cuddly long cardigan, whose overlong with open-bottomed sleeves. The long jacket works very well as a blouse replacement under the blazer. It gets the look freshed up fashionable. The animal print I resumed within the scarf, that perfectly fits to the look with its colors. For an elegant-formal performance, of course you can combine the two-parter with black as an alternative to the basic suit.

As an alternative highlight fort he business look, I have chosen the long vest with animal print. The cuddly fake fur vest is your perfect companion for the transitional period. You can combine them almost endlessly and thus spice up any style >animalistic<.

Mode-Herbst 2018 - die wichtigsten Styles
Mode-Herbst 2018 - die wichtigsten Styles

Frayed Stuff

As fashionista you won’t get along this fashion fall without fringes. They almost swing soft and lightly around your hips, legs and feet.

Exemplary for the fringe look, I have chosen the most combinable long vest in the color tofu (ivory) with the gold-brown suit. It’s a fashion upgrade for the classic look and – together with the cowhide bag and the repeat of the colors in the sneakers, it turns it into a successful eyecatcher.

Casual Days

Of course we also want to be fashionable in our leisure time. Incognito has implemented the trendy oversize style in their collection for example with the sweater I wear on the photo. Other fashionable details of this look are the shiny bag and the sneakers with fringes.


Glossy Box

Another highlight of the fashion fall of 2018 comes from the category of gloss and glory, such as: For example, the bag from the casual look. The two-piece suit in camouflage optics, which is completely embroidered with sequins on the front, also makes a very brilliant impression. Two lovely pieces that make you shine individually at each party.

Fashion Fall 2018: the most important styles

Hot Colors

At Incognito, the Fashion Color Area 2018 is dominated by the following color highlights and color combinations:

  • Ultra Violet (THE color 2018) with Light Gray
  • Pink with Tofu
  • Mustard Yellow with Black
  • Rosé and Golden Brown with Dark Blue
  • Olive and Light Blue
  • And of course Amarena (the sweetest RED cherry temptation)

Cuddling factor

I have always attached great importance to wearing comfort, because it is the deciding factor for the feel-good character. After all, you do not just want to look smart, you want to feel good 24/7. Incognito also gets the full score from me in this category!

Must-Haves this fall

Teddy fur, fringe and animal print 🙂 in the trendy colors!

Scarf and bag made of teddy fur 🙂 #welove!

My cooperation with incognito

Incognito is my spot of shopping for ages. The cuts, colors, styles and prices have been convincing to me since a very long time. Through my (unpaid) posts on Instagram and Facebook, we came closer automatically there was the idea on hand to make a „special“. Incognito stores you can find from Neuwied to Aschaffenburg including shops named Petra R. at 14 locations. Darmstadt, Frankfurt (Sachsenhausen and Bergerstraße), Mainz and Wiesbaden are among my hotspots in the Rhine-Main area. Just take a look at the shop locator and find your store. You can also arrange a live online shopping appointment via WhatsApp on 0160 96930866.

Enjoy your fashion autumn with incognito!

A post in cooperation with incognito.


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