Written in large letters, this slogan was literally falling to my feet on the façade of a dance school, so I immediately caught myself thinking about my dance steps, the neatly rehearsed episodes, the step pattern. But far from it, that alone is not enough for the dance trainer, who wants to lift and lower, he wants a swing in the run across the floor, and even more: body tilt, posture, tension, head in the neck, turns and lots more. So basically a little bit beyond what you can generally imagine under the ‘ability to walk’, I thought so to me quite.

Quite banal, but it‘s the starting point for moving the body to music. ‘Dance muffles’ prefere >sitting<. They could step on one’s feet, embarrass oneself on the floor, and who knows, end up distressingly. Furthermore the dance partner could also be superior in terms of the practiced steps, dance their own thing or even take the lead. So just not like that! In the otherwise courageous men can observe great restraint in such moments. Men fiddle with the drinks menu, have to “step out,” and are so dramatically busy that one’s desire to dance simply runs away. Husky may ask for some eye-popping eyes, great help to look somewhere else. Yeahh, she did not see me!

What a pity that inhibitions & Co. let dancing becom a two-legged affair. Because I experience dancing as one of the few sports where you do not realize that you are doing sports. At the same time the movement to music makes the soul swing in a sense of well-being. And finally, there is room for arm and leg control in the your head. If you’ve tried it, you know what I’m talking about.

Wer laufen kann, der kann auch tanzen
I love to dance!

Tradition is not always a bad omen

My parents got to know each other during the dance in May and in their youth dances were no. 1 to get in contact. It was the only socially legitimate opportunity – more or less closely entwined – to lie in the arms of another person. Public smooching was definitly unthinkable. Dressed up, they danced until the morning and everyone was looking forward to the first dance class. Starting signal for desire and pleasure. Even in my time, the popularity was clearly subsided. Rather unasked for a dance course it was part of the overall education concept. Meanwhile the training and the joy of the participants was not always huge.  Boys liked to cheat themselves out of the game, which became more and more of a challenge for the dance schools – men were and are in short supply.

The disco fever had broken out and the traditional couple dance got an old-fashioned gray-dusty image. Trendy moves were now to pop or rocky deafening tones. The locations were dark and some canooled in the corners (chatting was not even possible). Occasionally, a few flashes of light from the dance floor penetrated, which allowed you to look at your glass or the bag – after all. When I left the club the skull grumbled regularly and that at least until I was back home. Yes, that was the way it was.

And suddenly time throws you back

On some occasions it is still difficult to get around for a little dance. After all, it is a popular tradition, for example, at High School or University balls and at weddings, the swinging leg is still quite common. Especially at weddings, the opening dance of the bride and groom is one of the most romantic moments that no couple really wants to do without. But: do not trample on the dress of your love, when everyone is watching. It’s clear that there is an intensive course on the fast track, so that nothing will go wrong on the most wonderful day of your life. So here men can really score and rise like Phoenix from the ashes with a dance to become a hero. Who can gallantly ask the ladies to a solid dance, will forever be in the ladys good books. I think you have to try it. And once all the shyness is overcome, you can have fun on the floor and discover your love for it. The spell of the parents or grandparents, there must be something.

Ergo: Even the singers have first learned to speak 😊


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