On my Beauty Wishlist top is care, care and again care. Same time, it’s not easy to find the own way in dealing with the aging process. The offers are so huge and there are a lot who show us, the way we should be…  Very often I can not believe that nothing has been done in those faces, because over time the credibility and the natural charisma and beauty fade away when it looks all too ironed around the nose. Meaning that in my case the possibly entertaining guessing games, “did she or no, she didn‘t” won’t come up, because I want to look like me, not like a face that is made out of a catalogue of a beauty doc.

Up to my opinion it is also a fallacy to believe that there are now methods that could permanently smooth the skin from above. Of which I am 100% convinced, however, is the ability to *optimize care for the facial skin so that

  • tiredness and stress wrinkles can be reduced,
  • the aging process is slowed down and
  • a well-groomed skin visually stays very convincing – even if you‘re „old”.

Last but not least is a well-groomed wrinkle is so the preferred alternative to the whole plastic-beauty-business to me.

Beauty Wishlist
*optimized skin care = hyalupure care ampoules

The boosting effect of hyaluron is well known

Which immediately rases up the question of which of the beauty products really *optimize care. That hyaluron plays an important role in this is out of the question for me – it is still an important part of our connective tissue, which can store a lot of water. Also, undeniable, that this pretty “impactor” in the spaces between the cells already off In the middle of 20, more and more…

But there is nothing better than giving the skin back a bit from the lossy padding – as far as it goes from the top down. Following the results of professionals the molecules can only immerse  if the “chains” (we speak of hyaluron chains) are as small as possible. If the particles are too large to penetrate the skin, they provide an immediate effect, but they deposit on the surface of the skin and only store the moisture there until they get washed off again.

With the >hyalupure< ampoules I am using, the particle size of the originally long-bed molecule of hyaluronic acid is micronized and dehydrated so that it can penetrate into the skin without chemical additives. As the molecules have the same composition as the naturally occurring ones by a special procedure Hyaluronic acid, it can deposit the skin and store the moisture. The effect is felt especially when used as a treatment (apply one ampoule to the freshly cleansed skin every 5 days in the evening).

Even now I use the ampoules every 2-3 days and feel so always fresh and my skin optimally supplied.

Beauty Wishlist

Out of the optical box of tricks

At my last styling for the fashion show of Lassal, the make-up artist gave me some optical tricks, which I’ll gladly tell you.


After the middle of the eye, do not paint the compaction downwards, but at the top end of the own eyebrow line continue to work. This opens up the view even more


At such shows, due to the headlights, which just swallow away a lot of the whole color in the face, is contoured more strongly anyway. The icing on the cake are the rosy cheeks that make everyone – whether young or old – look fresher. Now the make-up artist put the polka-dot blush on the upper end of the cheek. Also, in order to cancel out the naturally optical trend downwards – ergo: do not apply rouge too far down!

The little wrinkles under the eyes

To make the eye bags disappear visually, the make-up artist simply dabbed a bit of gloss on my upper cheekbones. With the light reflection it can be smoothed and let the eye area shine bright.

Beauty Wishlist

A post in cooperation with Brigitta B. Behrends. Find more of her beauty programm 40+ (Make-up 40+ and Model’s Beauty Food)  on www. brigitta-b-behrends.de or put her name in the search on this blog 🙂

*hyalupure = my favourite base care!


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