Same procedure as every year… at least for the last weeks of the year: hustle and bustle. Anyway that’s the case with me. Invitations, Christmas parties, your own preparations and, finally, the normal work is still tob e done in a timely and customer-friendly manner.

So there is the one or the other event, to which we like to go dressed nicely and last but not least you want to be stylish at Christmas, even if you have prepared the food for the family. It may be that some of you say: ‘Oh, that’s not so important to me’ – I personally like to be festively dressed for a festive party.

Same time over the years, a lot has accumulated in the wardrobe for such festivities and events, and personally I do not buy every year from scratch, but occasionally add a nice piece or exchange something to create fashionable or trendy accents. If you combine them in different ways, you probably do not run the risk of anyone saying, “Oh Darling, didn’t you wear that even last year?” Presumably, hardly anyone remembers anyway.

So I’ve decided to give you a few suggestions and examples for the various celebrations – from the Christmas party to a club visit – for this post. Often it only takes a picture or an impression and you are right in the middle of your own wardrobe and create new ideas.

For those who want to be particularly trendy on the go, remember: this season, transparencies, feathers and fringes are in great demand – especially in the evening wear. Also asymmetric cuts and shiny fabrics in silver and gold can be seen again and again. It depends on the type – I prefer the silvery line.

Happy STYLES für die Festtage!
Black is nothing to surprise but alsways shaping and looking dressed. Here an example for colder places with accessories that make you sparkle.
Happy Styles für die Festtage.
Classic style with a cocktail dress.
This is a look for a chrismas party at home: The top is quite transparent and goes wonderful with the skirt in silver.
Happy Styles für die Festtage
Here are some of my most loved pieces to combine: silk top, heels, belt with Swarowski Stones, Clutch, Karl Lagerfeld. The  poncho is also a wonderful piece instead of jacket.
Happy Styles für die Festtage
If you have to hurry up: Just chance top and dress from the office outfit and get ready for tonight.
Happy Styles für die Festtage
This is my choice for an evening in a Club:  Leathertop, Leggins  with silver stripes, Sunglasses for my hair and heels. The cap from Guess I take as an accessoires or leave it at home.


I hope, you are a little bit inspired with the photos and wish you a lot of fun with all your Christmas parties and events. Enjoy the advent season!


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