I think there is almost no better time for festive robes than now. Many celebrations are in the (pre-) Christmas time, New Year’s Eve is coming and also for one or the other event, opera visit or a gala the outfit may like to be more glamorous. And why not wear a long dress? So curtain up – for festive dresses:

Photo: Jenny Klestil


In addition, a dress code – if you have one on the invitation – can often be interpreted.

  • Dark suits or
  • festive look

are two wonderful examples of everything from cocktail to suit and jumpsuit to a long dress. Good advice is expensive and the best idea is to talk to the other ladies or ask the person who runs the event. Because nothing is more embarrassing than to appear overdressed or underdressed. In the category -No Go! – are also blouses whose buttons jump over the chest, skin-tight clothes that stretch or threaten to burst, skirts that are too tight and therefore slide up. For problem areas, there are wonderful, laminators “, such as wide-cut cocktail dresses, which flatter visually easy away.

When choosing the perfect outfit no less important is the wardrobe of the companion. If the gentleman chooses a noble, conservative suit, the lady doen’t wear less than an elegant cocktail dress. If he loosens up his outfit with a discreetly patterned tie and a shirt in pastel color, of course, women can also fall back on a chic costume. The most important thing is that the style of the couple fits and is coordinated. Personally, I think it’s best to repeat a color from my outfit in my husband’s outfit, which is best suited for the color of the tie or shirt.

My advice:

  1. If you have a dress code or motto in your invitation, you should stick to it. To ignore a wish of the host, testifies to disrespect and should never be done.
  2. If the event allows you to vote in a range: from…to, vote with the others if you are unsure.
  3. Never go too tight or too sexy and match the outfit to that of the partner / companion


More tips and what the different dress codes mean you can find on https://www.dresscode-guide.de

Dresscode: Black Tie

Back to the dress:

I think it is but the most feminine of all garments and it always brings me great pleasure to show me from my feminine side. Just think of the pictures, dancing with a gorgeous dress through a glittering night or on New Year’s Eve with the fireworks to sparkle. I’m convinced that every woman likes to do fine and shine with the stars.


On the one hand, fashion makes it infinitely easy, and on the other, it makes it all the harder: strapless, with a collar or one-shoulder and figure-hugging or loosely playing around and velvet or silk? The possibilities of the many great colors and shapes, cuts and fabrics are virtually unlimited from the “little black dress” to the exquisite ball gown. Therefore „feeling well“ should be one oft he most important on the list of priorities. It’s the only way to make a woman sparkle more than her dress.

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… soon will be Chrismas and time to sparkle …

Pics in black and white by Jenny Klestil.
Pics with the long robes by Fashion Photographer Fabian Otto.
Black Tie and the Cocktaildress are from my private library.

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