Who does not know them, the good intentions for the New Year?

Finally, stop smoking, less alcohol, more exercise, less weight, more time for family and friends, less stress. In the bundle of yearnings, they are always high on the wish list.

Last but not least, the New Year is a special date in many cultures. It is after all the conclusion of the old and the beginning of the new. So it is almost inevitable to approach the new better than allowed by the condemned habits in the old. So the latest on 2.1. lots of people run into the gym immediately, register and attent to lay the basis for a dream body in the coming summer. Not in vain there are no other month so many applications.

Not quite as fast as the pact with the own I is closed, in many cases, the implementation of. The mills of everyday life paint vigorously again in the new year and gnaw at you like the dog at the excavated bone. Yummy it was I remember.

Somehow they come, the exceptions, no question, but we have all sorts of good excuses on the hard drive. Programmed over the years, the store knows exactly how the hare has to run. The sensors are set to ‘keep it up’, because how are they even supposed to know how great the new projects are, and how can it be otherwise ?, They simply lurk us out of the old cells like that: the very plausible arguments why the new plan of having a healthy life has a short break. So for Auntie’s birthday there must be a glass of it and what does it look like to eat only half a plate?

Die guten Vorsätze

Almost heroic feelings when you find your way back to the winner’s track. The victory over your own bastard is celebrated faster than you can get rid of the treats from the sofa. Carrot vs. Chipmand – I’m just eating, half … Finally, there must something remain inside, in the bag of the life-goodies.

Meats weakness calls the experts on the plan of good intentions. And it quickly becomes clear what the powers of habit can finally put an end to, and clearly I’ve rolled them, the adviser of those who know better, because for me, the failure of those pretty plans is not strange for me. Conclusion:

How it works with the good intentions

The highest commandment is therefore the clear and concrete determination of the goal to be achieved. The more accurate the better, not too high and preferably the same in writing. After all, it’s so beautiful, ‘Who writes that stays and who likes to break a contract with himself? It therefore wants to be well thought over, what to do, because the washboard belly is unfortunately not an event. Stage wins are also something nice and head cinema anyway.

Team up with people who have the same plan.

Common suffering is half suffering and who knows, maybe one can win in the end new friends. Having others on board provides good reasons not to give up, but to persevere. Can you prove yourself better in the group, show strength and staying power? So many bets have already been completed.

Change your habits.

Man is a creature of habit: The beer as a reward at the end of the workday. The cigarette for coffee. Everyone knows such beloved rituals. If you follow the experts, it is best to get rid of these bad habits by breaking with the habit. So not at all sit down in the beautiful armchair, to which the head knows only the beer and rather find out a new favorite place – preferably with ginger tea. Or so.

Iron discipline meets reward

and reward is always good. Whoever holds out and achieves his (goal) goal, can reward himself and creates the extra portion of pleasure with good reason. Finally, it also helps to make good behaviors a new habit and not tomorrow’s history.

Despite all good advice – it does not always work and certainly not just at the turn of the year, even if it is basically a nice date for good new projects. I speak from experience and say an example: For years, I’ve always written more on the agenda right on time for the New Year. And for years I ran out of steam for the sport faster, than for the long list of self-proclaimed obstacles. Especially the missing time – one of the excuses ever. So I waited for the big „signal“ and it came and won – even during the year. The herniated disc put the switch in my head and in the rehab I learned that exercise can be really good. How good I feel with a trained body. And that movement gives more power than it takes. Since then, it works – even with persistent notorious lack of time – at least with the sport.


So, if you have a good plan, you should weigh everything else about how the switch is made. Has it really done “click” or does it need an “emergency stop” – like mine?

As a non-expert, I am convinced that it is mainly the inner total readiness, conviction and a large dose of discipline, which preserves us in all good intentions before the fast expiration date and because the season plays only a very small role.

So then: Go through that new year with health, luck and success. It may just be great for everyone!


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