Lately with my hairdresser: I’m right in the middle of the big women’s 50plus theme >WRINKLES< with my hairstylist. Since a head appears over from the square opposite and the lady says grinning: „I recently have an appointment one floor higher. I can highly recommend, you should do that also. Afterwards, you really look different!” The amazement is written on my face and I ask back: „How do you mean different?“, Well, the corners of the mouth then smile again by itself!”

I slide a little deeper into my comfortable barber chair and feel quieter to: “I’ll think it over.” (Just so, to avoid any further discussion.)

Reinspitzen oder auftragen?!

You should do something about it …

I then caught myself in head cinema. Did she think I would need a few injections, and why do all people want wrinkles to be taken away at all costs? I look at the corners of my mouth a little suspiciously and truely they are hanging on a bit without smiling. That’s how it is.

I – enemy of injections – hear my inner voices and the scale, as always, turns out on the side “No-I-don’t-go-the-face-lift-way. And somehow I‘m happy, that I can escape from this childhood mania again and again. Convinced, that I stand to me and my age. Moreover: I like me as I am.

But, hand on heart: I also care about my skin and make up since I passed the age of 20. I never ever go to bed (even at dawn)  with makeup and always take care of my skin. Finally, I brush my teeth twice a day, cream my body, take care of my hair, eat healthy food etc. These are simple and normal rituals for me, taking care about me and getting noticed by others. In other words: age-appropriate yes, neglected is a NO GO! In my eyes, that whole question about care has a lot to do with mindfulness towards ourselves and not first and foremost, which ideals or trends are currently great. However, they influence me and of course I try out new creams, serums and masks. Furthermore I’m always interested in new information. Same time I try hard not to believe in all these advertising, even if it’s so misleading and seducing…

Is there anything between syringe and cream ?!

So it is also permeated to me that only cream from the outside can not really deal with wrinkles staying away, because the processes naturally take place a „floor“ deeper. No matter which active ingredients we talk about in order to get a lasting push effect, they have to get into the skin. Since the very meaningful question arises, whether that-roughly speaking-only goes with syringe or if there is a cosmetic technology that can specifically introduce active substances and messenger substances into the skin in order to permanently improve their condition and quality? Baroness Ulrike von Ginsheim says, “YES, IT’S POSSIBLE” This impressive woman, who has already brought her knowledge to such prestigious companies as Shiseido, Sisley and YSL, has developed a high-end concept treatment that combines state-of-the-art equipment technology with targeted care. As I understand: in contrast to other providers – both the technical and the pharmaceutical-medical side, it is possible to bring selected active ingredients in high concentrations into deeper layers of the skin. She says. I got to know Baroness Ulrike von Ginsheim through Brigitta B. Behrends, whose make-up I love and use every day. The two have been working hand in hand for some time. Because just a nice make-up on a beautiful skin looks even more beautiful.

Inject or apply?
Meeting with Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim and Brigitta B. Behrends

I dare the challenge

When I met Baroness Ulrike von Ginsheim in January this year the first time I was impressed and always am. In addition to her extremely positive charisma, her freshness and agility, which immediately spills over everyone in the room, her beautiful face stands out next to her beautiful nature. When she told me she’s 59 years old and had never had a syringe or even a scalpel on her facial skin, I could hardly believe it. It is rosy and this skin exudes care and optimal care.

I like it when honest people meet and so I immediately agreed when she offered me to go on „Beauty Challenge“ with her. We’ll be working on a treatment plan soon, and then we’re off to a great start.

Of course, I’ll let you participate step by step, and I’m also incredibly excited about what works, anyway, we start quite differently than I know with a plan!

Inject or apply?
Unbelievable that she’s already 59… 🙂


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