Now I do not want to say that I’m the ultimate sportsman, but I can definitely sign up for a sporty girl. And with over 50 I have got my preferences. Over the years I found out what is good and what bad for my body or just boring to excercize.

Sportswoman aufgepasst

I love outdoor activities

These include in my case, in particular, outdoor activities, which probably comes from the fact that I am walking daily with our dog. Of course, it’s also very important to remember what you saw in the nursery and that’s where my parents worked hard on me, forced me to hike regularly and went skiing with me in the winter seaspm. I found hiking more than bland for a while. Today I am enthusiastic and like to go hiking. The mountain world looks quite different between sommer and winter when everything is snowed in thick. I also love Winterwonderlands and am still a true Skiing-Lover.

Sportswomen aufgepasstAt the same time it is probably due to my slim figure that I freeze very fast. Especially in the winter months that often bothers me a lot, but I feel like it’s just a frostbite. But others sweat faster and have a lot of trouble at high temperatures. Fortunately, outdoor clothing is so ingenious today that it can accommodate all types. For the winter months I’ve discovered wonderful functional underwear in planet sports for me, which is half the rent against the freeze. But we do not just want to look nice in our underwear, but also on the slopes and they attrac with super conditions, sun and fun.

Skiing is fun

In general, I find March ideal for skiing, because the days are not so cold and quite often the sun laughs from a blue sky in these weeks. So skiing or sitting in front one of those wonder ski pubs and enjoing the sun, also fills up your Vitamin D depot.

Sportswomen aufgepasst

And of course we girls want to be fashionable – from the helmet to the ski. For every activity you find quiet beautiful pieces on Planet Sports. I’m pretty excited about the many great brands, all of which are very stylish and the season is for us skiers, because there is a lot going on on sale.

Indoor I’m a pretty big Yoga fan now and I really like the Power Plate too. Advantage of the plate: there you can in units of 10 min. properly train your muscles and over time makes the figure technically also great. No matter how you sport yourself indoors, you can definitely gear up for fun on Planet Sports. And last but not least: as soon as the first 3 months of this year have passed, the summer is almost upon us and for that I like to go with a new bikini at the start. While browsing, I also found something very ingenious for my husband. He prefers to go straight to the beach without having to visit one of the cabins. Although he has the bath towel and the swimwear change super good mood, but the hoodie towel is a fantastic idea, the change still faster and safer. The lies for him in the Easter basket …

Sportswomen aufgepasst

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