That the retail trade is in a state of transition and owner-managed shops are often struggling to survive, has gotten around.  On the one hand there is the boom in online commerce in general, but also a decline in the store categories in particular, which make our inner cities particularly attractive and invigorate.  Here, municipalities and those responsible are also called upon to promote lively retailing and to set the course accordingly.  The quaint little town of Oberursel with its delightful old town has recognized the signs of our times and presents itself with creativity and a sense of inner city shopping experience a variety of owner-managed stores and concept stores.

The quaint little town Oberursel with historical flair

How creative retail in Oberursel really  is, the dealer community Focus O demontrated entertaining and self-confident in their yearly spring event at >The Rilano< Hotel, 16th of March 2019. In a newly initiated fashion show, four shops presented their attractive offer.


To my great joy, I had the wonderful task to help shape the fashion show as a choreographer and model.  All are in fashion with their collections and pamper their customers with a number of special features.  And here they are:


Vestimentum Prime

Fashion is the great passion of the owner, Maria Sugameli-Borchert.  You can feel it when you enter her shop and her eyes sparkle with her love of fashion.  No wonder then, that Vestimentum Prime is her home for upmarket Italian women’s and men’s fashion. Noble materials and fine natural fabrics await customers, who value individuality and sustainability.  From color and style advice to the finished product, Maria Sugameli-Borchert advises her customers individually and personally.  Either in the exclusive private shopping events or at the normal opening hours in the store.  Vestimentum Prime does not just sell fashion but the great feeling of being well dressed.  For any occasion and for every taste.

Lilo Concept Store

With the owner, Nicole Lieselotte Dassler, Beauty has a really nice home.  With the many beautiful things in her shop, she attracts, adorns and decorates. Nicole Dassler offers a concept: women’s fashion, jewelry, accessories and Interior.  The colorful, cheeky, sparkling, sympathetic, individual and special.  So everything, just not ordinary. As a granddaughter of Rudolf Dassler, PUMA is also firmly attached to Lilo.  Therefore, PUMA shoes are naturally also a blend of brands that are the origins of PUMA sneakers that today correspond to the lifestyle of our time and are part of every wardrobe of fashion-conscious and sporty women.  The exquisite selection surprised and convinced that Lilo is wholeheartedly with you, you can feel it immediately. And of course Motte, the dog of Nicole Lieselotte Dassler, has not only taken the catwalk, but also taken my heart by storm.

Louise Schliemann

Jewellry Atelier und Concept Store

Whether you’re a young girl or a mature woman, Louise Schiliemann always has something for them: she has trendy jewelery and accessories for every occasion and her fascination with the many different types of women  , is part of her motivation for the wide range of products. She leads not only casual trends, but makes jewelry pieces as unique items or in small editions itself. That she does it with the utmost dedication, care and expertise, you sign immediately.  Visiting her lovely shop, you will not only be able to marvel at jewelery, but also hats, scarves, bags, cushions and many other sweet little things. On top, she’s got the right feel for trends; for what’s hip and puts quality on a fair price.

Anamori Woman

Sylvie Vidak, master tailor, cutting and design director leaves nothing to chance. That’s her maxime performing two locations (Oberursel and Obertshausen)  successfully like her.  The mix of high-quality brands is what makes Anamori special, she says.  For the right mix, she travels internationally at fairs and thrills her customers from season to season.  Feeling tension in the store is important to her and that the customers feel comfortable as in her living room.  Stylish and high-quality clothing needs a stylish environment-of which Sylvie Vidak is convinced and has therefore expanded their stores by hand with great attention to detail itself and furnished.  And she reveals: “Without the energetic support of her family, the realization of her dream would never have been possible.” One immediately senses that she is also present with heart and soul and has great pleasure in creating strong and individual looks for her clients.

Presented were the refreshingly summery-fashionable collections by 14 models – including 2 men and a charming dog – when walking on the catwalk. Ibiza flair was felt and the dealer audience from Oberursel expressed his enthusiasm with much applause.

For perfect  Make-up and hair stood Waltraud Ulrich with her colleague, Ulrike Möckel and Antonietta Salvatore. They had already been busy from the morning on preparing all models for a brilliant performance.

Waltraud Ulrich

makes in her daily business much more than skilfully putting the chocolate side of their customers in limelight.  It is a holistic approach that also involves proper skincare and nutrition.  For her, the skin is not just to paint, but an organ that wants to be well looked after.  That’s why she has been working with CHANNOINE since 1991.  A beauty manufacturer from Lichtenstein who develops high-quality, high-end cosmetics and vital substance preparations and distributes them via selected Beauty & Health Points, such as those by Waldtraud Ulrich.  She says: „Every person is beautiful by nature and it is my job to make this natural beauty shine with a few brushstrokes.“ That she mastered the magic of colors for each type and perfectly staged the individual beauty, she has proven with all models.

Antonietta Salvatore

-the owner of the hair studio Antonietta in Oberursel-never tired of creating one WOW-hairstyling after the other. With so many models it was a head-to-head race that she laid out super routinely.  One more beautiful than the other. With curling iron & Co., she transformed the models into little princesses in no time. From light wave to super sophisticated updo Antonietta conjures up hairstyles quickly and did her job adequate to profesional runways.

She’s got the knowlegde an view what fits the occasion, so that hair becomes a work of art and the wearer becomes truly royal.

Markus Schneider

has captured the wonderfully entertaining-enjoyable evening with his camera for us.  Many thanks to him for spoiling us with his pictures in this post and letting our readers dive into the show inside.  Of course, he also likes to accompany every other event photographically :-).

Markus Schneider - Photographer

Adrian Vidak

had filmed the unforgetable moments of the evening and let us get part of the wonderful impressions with his trailerMoving images full of emotion!

Adrian Vidak - Film

In the end, everyone agreed: we want to build on this great success!

A post in cooperation with all parties mentioned.


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