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If you do like fashion and beauty, you will certainly read one or the other women’s magazine to get new ideas and tips.  Certainly I do not exclude myself there.  If you take a closer look at the beauty articles, you inevitably get the impression: really crazy!  In each issue new must-haves: to repair, fill, tighten, cool, calm and whatever else you like.  Everything nourishes and nurtures, reduces wrinkles, kisses you awake, makes you beautiful while sleeping and softens your skin like a baby on top.  About what is in – in all those awesome cremes and products, there’s little tell except of keywords (Hyaluron, Vitamin C, etc.) and the promise that you’ll get beautiful!

But anyway. In general I fell somehow smeared. Nobody can tell me that the all the cosmetic producers are really interested in my personal beauty. If you go in a shop to get advice, it becomes increasingly difficult, as cosmetics sales are often no longer based on good training, but mainly on sales expansion. When you ask a cosmetics salesperson, what’s in it, in the 500 EUR product, eyes becoming big and the explanation is short – so at least my experience. Knowlodge about skin and probably analyse mine, is no longer announced.

Zwischen Verfallsdatum und Frühlingsfieber

However, it is well known that the skin is an organ and somehow has desires. Maybe it does not like quinoa pods or chlorella extract, maybe no grape seed extract, but caviar.  I do not know and who really knows about his skin ?!  I guess we are professionals in a variety of fields, but not necessarily familiar with the structure and needs of our skin.  That’s why my opinion is: skin belongs in professional hands.  People who have learned how skin works and who have an idea of ​​what it needs if it is to be well-groomed and as beautiful as possible until old age.

Ulrike Freifrau von Ginsheim has learned this craft from scratch and therefore knows what she is talking about.  In this article, I would like to explain to you,  how the concept works and why it differs from the typical treatments:

The Skin Vital Concept Treatments

The special feature of this concept is the combination of state-of-the-art equipment technology and high-end care, so-called cosmeceutics  from Cosmetic and Pharmaceutic) products.  The perfect interaction is the basis for the fact that the active ingredients in high concentrations can penetrate into deeper skin layers in a targeted manner.

The high-end technology (apparative cosmetics)

Power Peel (removal of the uppermost skin layer)

I already told you about this process – it feels like the skin is being swept away.  So that we removed the upper horny layer intensively and at the same time gently.  For, as Mrs von Ginsheim explains to me: the older we get, the thicker the horny layer and the dead cells have to be removed.  This causes a refinement of the skin structure and improves the penetration depth of the care products.

Power Peel
Lift L
Lift S

Lift L (stimulation of the entire epidermis)

With this device, the pores are opened and it feels like a slight tingling sensation.  From a technical point of view, it is micro-needling in the broadest sense. Finest thin needles (not made of metal, they hurt ☹) take in milliseconds a course on the deeper layers of the skin.  This process stimulates cell regeneration and operates dermal / epidermal skin structure.  In connection with the sera which are applied there after, causes the immediate increase oft he skin structure and ensures a smooth and soft skin.

Lift S (targeted stimulation against deeper wrinkles)

Lift S is for the specific treatment of wrinkles and for the local and targeted stimulation of  wrinkles and scars used.

Radiofrequency Treatment (connective tissue strength and collagen regeneration)

Radiofrequency treatment uses a device that transmits electrical energy through the skin.  The warming process of the connective tissue fibers provides for greater blood flow to the tissue.  The ideal effect on the network of collagen fibers, which is responsible for the elasticity and tension of the skin – arises at 38°. During the treatment, the skin temperature is therefore regularly checked.  It feels like getting quite warm, but doesn’t hurt. Collagen fibers are contracted by the energy flow and thus streamline the treated area. Especially the progressive loosening of the elasticity of skin with age regresses, because the body’s own repair process is stimulated. For the reason that the energy is centered between the electrodes (only in the treatment zone) in deeper skin areas, it leaves the skin completely untouched on the surface. This treatment activity comes directly into effect with a visible result. The long-term and repeated use of the new collagen regeneration is strongly stimulated. The new structures lead to a higher density of tissue – consequently to a firmer skin and a younger appearance – and all without a syringe!

Radiofrequenz Treatment

Skin-Fitness (Muscle development and a weapon against age spots)

As Ulrike says beautifully: Power-Plate for the face and in fact it is an apperative facial massage.  The ultimate fitness workout keeps you up.  Stimulation of microcirculation, relaxation of tense muscles and counteract the crystallization (saccharification of the tissue).  Everything together leaves a firmer skin tissue.  And best of all: it does incredibly well.

Power Plate für's Gesicht

Summa summarum:

The targeted use of equipment for individual improvement in skin quality or as Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim says: „Each skin layer has its own needs and procedures.“

The active cosmetics

On the high-end cosmetics within the professional treatments  I do not want to go into because it would lead too far.

BUT: at home – besides regular visits to your beauty salon – you should use all the products that your beautician will choose for you. For the individual treatments Skin Vital Concept carries a number of serums (pure active ingredient cosmetics)  ) and creams with a high concentration of active ingredients, each of which has its own specific effect and, when used properly, DO HAVE the promised effect. I can certainly confirm that this concept lives up to its promises. And that’s because the active ingredients come down to where  they can unfold their effect with the help of the apparative cosmetics.

It is also crucial, that all products contain:

  • NO paraffin, silicone and mineral oils,
  • NO parabens,
  • NO allergenic perfumes,
  • NO PEG’2,
  • and NO microplastics! 

For the next article, I explain what I was already allowed to learn about skin …

* 3 Cosmetic Studios (a.o.) in the Rhein-Main-Area,

where Skin Vital Treatments are offered and where I got absolutely convinced of the professional knowledge and the individual care:

Fang Beauty Care - Frankfurt am Main
Fang Beauty Care
Kurfürsten Parfümerie - Mannheim
49 k
Ruhe-Insel, M. Bußer - Mainhausen
25 b

Just click on the photo and get more information!

Owners of Beauty Studios or Spas who are interested in this concept, should contact Freifrau Ulrike von Ginsheim directly!

A post in cooperation with Skin Vital Concept.


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