Welcome to paradise!

I always wanted to go there and had the pictures of the white sandy beach, crystal clear water in all shades of colors, palm trees gently bending in the balmy wind and a colorful, exciting underwater world stuck in my head.
Another aspect is: Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Our world is full of magnificent wonders and I am one of those who want to see and discover them.  The Maldives are also threatened by climate change, especially as a result of the ever-increasing sea-level – the islands are only approx.  1 meter above.

Some facts

The Maldives lined up as an island chain (this is also the meaning of the name, Maldives) with 19 island groups spread over 26 atolls through the Indian Ocean.  More precisely, there are 1196 islands.  220 of them are inhabited by locals, 144 used for tourist purposes.  In the capital Malé, all those who set off for one of the dream destinations land.  From there, depending on the destination, you can continue with small airplanes, seaplanes or boats.  The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi, but also the Arabic language is due to the Islam, the sole state religion (no religious freedom) compulsory subject in the school.  So it turns out that nudism or bathing topless is forbidden. Special vaccinations / visas are not required.  What you need to enter is a valid passport valid for 6 months after departure.


Link: https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=73211970

Best time to travel.

The best time to travel is from January to April, due to the number of rainy days.  But due to the almost constant temperatures during the day (about 31 °), at night (about 26 °) and in the water (around 28 °), the Maldives are also an attractive destination in all months of the year.

Link: https://www.google.com/search?q=klimatabelle+malediven&client=firefox-b-d&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjemOf7nejhAhWvyKYKHQJiBKEQ_AUIDigB&biw=1906&bih=929#imgrc=5pipoUe5eIFxAM

The place to be.

For which of the 144 little dream islands you decide, is – in my opinion – not the most important question. Presumably, everybody will discover his own favorite or can find some good advices in one of the travel reports.

As almost be booked rather unprepared and had decided for the ARI ATOLL.  An island group of 105 islets and the third largest Atoll of the Maledives. Our islet was one of the larger ones, so we could even go around the islet by bike. It’s almost recommended for tourists who are afraid of an island vest and want to have some more activities offered. On our islet we visited a bicycle workshop, a herb garden, a joinary, an orchid cultivation etc.

Apart from the choice of the Atoll we would always decide for a water bungalow again. It feels like staying in your own house in the middle of the sea; incomparably beautiful.  Enjoying beautiful sunsets or watching the hustle of colorful fishes swimming around from your private terrasse.

And now come a few impressions – just enjoy and dive in…


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