Fashion trends by Karin Stübner

Hard to believe but true: Oberrad has got a real fashion baby.  Karin Stübner, the owner started many years ago with saris and Indian accessories.  Meanwhile, the small shop on the Offenbacher Landstraße 272 has develloped and Karin leads not only many Indian treasures, but also great, uncomplicated fashion trends.

And she dares something: namely, a fashion show here in the district Oberrad, which was now the 5th time.  Meanwhile the event gets more and more public and visitors also come from all over Frankfurt. This year (19.5.), The fashion show took place in the restaurant >Grüne Soße und mehr<.

Oberrad rockt den Sommer
Restaurant >Grüne Soße und mehr<


Directly at the Buchrainplatz with tram station you can sit outside in summer and enjoy the delicious green sauce.  Despite cold-rainy May, we were very lucky, because it was sunny and warm-so the places for the guests were quickly forgiven.  With 6 Models and 8 rounds Karin Stübner showed a lot of colorful summer trends to the excited audience.

In Farbe

One of us: Kerstin Marie Huth-Rauscher, former Miss 50 Plus Germany!

Oberrad rockt den Sommer
Miss Germany 50 Plus, Kerstin-Marie Huth-Rauscher


That in Karin’s beautiful store all clothing sizes are in stock and you really can dress up every really chic, you see the pictures of the last collage.


I wish my readers a really great fashion summer with these inspos.  Sure, one or the other look will give you a new idea – even for parts from your own wardrobe.  Have fun and see you soon in Fashion-Summer 2019!

A post in cooperation with #karinstübner


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