It just feels the whole beauty world is talking about #innerbeauty.  The hype on everything that is supposed to boost the beauty from the inside, swept us tsunami-like and in a women’s magazine I recently read that just under 35% of all women believe in the beauty from inside.


But what’s up to the trend and how does the beauty come in, before it shows itself freshly-smoothed from its best side on the skin.  Or in other words, can a dietary supplement can visibly improve the skin and hair structure and how does the process in the body.

The wrinkles are coming, but why?

It is clear that skin and hair quality and elasticity diminish with advancing age.  This is due to external factors, which we to a large extent (80% !!) determine by our way of life (alcohol, too little sleep, smoking, bad diet, but also facial expressions and sunlight, etc.).  In technical terms, this is called extrinsic skin aging.

In addition, there is the so-called intrinsic aging of the skin, meaning the natural (genetic) skin aging process.  This process causes the skin, especially in the deeper layers, to lose moisture and elasticity and to reduce collagen formation.  Responsible for this is u.o. also the decreasing hormone activity.  Because a number of hormones (including estrogen, estradiol, testosterone, progesterone) in our “best” years inhibit the breakdown of collagen in the connective tissue and ensure a good hydration of the skin, also stimulate hair growth and its production during menopause. The consequences become visible: we get wrinkles, the skin looks thinner and loses its charisma. Same time numerous vitamins and trace elements are important for cell-renewing process. If they are not sufficiently available, the cells are literally limp and dehydrated. Then they can no longer or only diminish cell division, renewal, the formation of new collagen and the storage of moisture.


How is “anti-aging from inside” working?

By taking the oral nutrients through their splitting in the intestine in the bloodstream.  From here they stimulate the cells in the deeper layers of skin to form more collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

This basic principle applies, of course, to all dietary supplements that contain collagen peptides.  Crucial now is how the composition and how high the nutrient concentration is.  Say: how much of what is in it?

What’s special about MODEL’S BEAUTY FOOD#innerbeauty

There are several peculiarities – or should I say better – in “MODEL’S BEAUTY FOOD.” It starts with the collagen peptide SOLUGEL® used, which is much better absorbed than normal collagen because of its molecular size and composition. Another important criterion is the quantity: The recommended daily dose of 2 teaspoons contains 8 g of collagen peptides, and comparing this with the quantities in ampoules and also tablets, one quickly realizes that in Models Beauty Food much more of the “beautifier” is in it.  The following quantities have resulted in my personal research:

  • ampoules – by 2.5 g per ampoule
  • tablets – by 4.5 g per tablet

(For the quantities I can of course not be liable. It is the information that I have found in my extensive research on the Internet at data >Ingredients<.)

The Model’s Beauty Food also containes micronutrients, as  vitamins and trace elements. They significantly improve hair and nail quality.  So touchable that even my hairstylist and also my cosmetic artist, who is responsible for my nails, have attested to me an improvement.  And that without knowing that I take Model’s Beauty Food.

Personally, I feel you can also see it  – or what do you think?

#nofilter! (Taken with the iphone x)


It is definitely worth comparing before making a purchase decision.  And maybe – at least I hope – I brought a little light into the innerbeauty product explosion to you.

Anyway, I trust in MODEL’S BEAUTY FOOD by Brigitta B. Behrends. Simply because it works!

Echtes Beauty Food
MODEL’S BEAUTY FOOD von Brigitta B. Behrends


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