“Why wander into distance?  Look, the good is so close.”

Goethe wrote in one verse and actually our country has a lot to offer, not only the metropolises are always worth a visit, but also regions in the rural area.

A small trip with my Lions club Frankfurt-Alte Oper brought me to Schwerin. Once a year we do a tour together and I had liked the idea of our president, Carola Krebsbach, to stay in Germany.

Anyway I feel that Germany as general vacation domestic for Germans gets not enough travel experience, probably just underestimated.  Schwerin is probably a pretty good example of this and I still didin’t knew the region.

So we set out from Frankfurt by train to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The train ride was a little adventure, because the DB does not always keep what is promised – but we reached Schwerin with joyful anticipation and culinary spoiled, because Carola surprised us with a fine sparkling wine & Brunch during the train ride.

Hotel Tip

We stayed in the hotel restaurant Weinhaus Uhle, which can be reached from the train station in Schwerin on foot (about 15 minutes walk).  The choice could not have been better, because the small, fine, listed building with 16 top renovated rooms left nothing to be desired.

We slept like the grand dukes, who lives there in the 18th century and we had to know the mattress manufacturer (Vorberg mattresses).

So the first evening we started – what else could be expected – with a champagne reception and then continued in Weinhaus Uhle with a serveral courses diner.

Schwerin am Start
With the ‘Lions-Club’ in Schwerin


Culinary impressed me – so it is often in life – a trifle, namely the red beet butter.  In connection with the self-baked bread a very special treat. The Weinhaus Uhle is also known for its large selection of excellent wines. Nevertheless, we have managed to empty the Bacchus, a wine of the wine list.  Maybe this circumstance brought our service in confusion, because they tryed hard, but ….  5 stars for the piano player – it was a wonderful musical accompaniment to our evening.  If you want to know more about the Hotel Restaurant Weinhaus Uhle, you can read more details in >Savoir Vivre<.


A desert variation called >Kalter Hund<.


The next morning we started our discovery tour. The state capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is pure culture;  also a treasure to linger, stroll through the streets and enjoy a round trip on the 2nd largest lake in northern Germany.  And of course, we did not leave anything out. Thanks to the excellent organization.  Even Wismar, which is 30 km away, can easily be reached by train. For a tour through the old town and to the harbor you need max.  2 hours.  A short stop in one of the fish restaurants is worthwhile.

Schwerin Castle – Top Tip

Castle of Schwerin on the castle island.


The biggest treasure of this city is evidently the Schwerin Castle on the castle island.  With its many towers and gilded cupolas, it is truly magical, and even without having read books about the genesis, the viewer immediately realizes that it must be a joint effort of famous master builders.  And yes, indeed and through the style mix of different epochs (Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque) one of the most important examples of romantic historicism.  Rightly a German candidate for the UNESCO World Heritage.

For the evening a visit to the Staatstheater is recommended.  The house is almost always fully booked and we were allowed to enjoy the LOVED CLARA.  A ballet that choreographically traces the fascinating artist, Clara Schumann, her art, her life, her constraints, her tragedy.

Staatstheater Schwerin

Restaurant Tip


Perfect was the service at Weinhaus Wöhler.  Again, we enjoyed dinner and drunk  empty the Bacchus wine … here as well. Oh my Godness, there is probably the presumption to the innocent reader that the megalomaniac „Wessis” (colloquial expression for citizens of the old german states)  just drink empty wine cellars of Schwerin and then lose control. But not at all, because I can confidently attest that a larger group like ours can crack stock, if quality goes before quantity. So no offense, the „Wessis“ are only humans.

In this house they have taken the “wine-off” quite sporty, just like us, that the excellent regional asparagus has crunched sometimes in the mouth.  Potato “Annabelle” has more than made up for the small “cleaning-mishap”.

On day 4 DB brought us back to Frankfurt without catastrophes and changes – only with seating chaos.

Schwerin with surrounding area is really worth a trip and who gets it so perfectly organized, can be lucky.  We say THANK YOU, dear Carola !!

If you would like to know more about our Lions Club Frankfurt-Alte Oper, our projects for women and children in Frankfurt am Main, please just visit our homepage.


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