The hot days come to me as called and in the shopping streets and malls you just can see an incredible number of girls wearing jumpsuits.  I just wonder about that because I wanted to pick up this topic since weeks, but something always came inbetween. But this is the way, things run and now it’s really time to present you a post with jumpsuits out of my wardrobe. They are most comfortable and stylish. In addition, these overalls are extremely practical; just slip in and be dressed for the whole day.

And another thing: in terms of fashion trends in 2019, jumpsuits are one of the top favorites along with the many great dresses.  Many well-known designers have “stolen” elements of working clothes and used them to create practical overalls as a fashion-highlight.

These are the basic forms:

For the Evening

I love my black jumpsuit for the evening. The lightweight jersey is tight fitting and has a flared leg.  Normally, I emphasize the waist with a nice belt, as here with the classic Gucci. Generally, I can also vorste a wider belt. In addition I like to combine high black strappy heels. For safety reasons I thougt it’s risky to wear them on the foodbrigde. I thought it might become worse while having those climbing exercises for the photos 😉.

Let’s Party

With the batwing sleeves and the issued legs this model is reminiscent of the flower power time. You can – depending on the occasion – combine flip-flops, heels or Dad-Sneakers.

Casual Elegant

In red, a jumpsuit is always an eye-catcher and definitely a beautiful one.


This one comes right away from the “craftsman” corner, because it recognizes the design immediately. The contrasting seams underline the style. This look looks great with sling pumps, but also sneakers or ballerinas.

Beach Vibes

Of course we need that too, the short jumpsuit for beachtime. Just pull it over the bikini and you’re ready for a lunch on the beach. Whoever prefers a “long” version is super dressed with the blue eyecatcher of #incognito.

Most elegant

The sand-colored coverall I’ve been guarding like a baby in my wardrobe for at least 10 years and perform it every now and then on special occasions, like here to a party on the Rockliner.  The blouse underneath is not a must.  On tanned skin the overall looks great even without an extra top.  It was unfortunately too cold that day.  Very stylish is 100% even a plain white T-shirt underneath.  As a fan of high heels I find heels the noblest.  Dad sneakers also work great on this look! 

Get the look!



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