I love dessous!

However, if you feel comfortable with your underwear, your outfit will appear more beautiful and radiant. Even more: You can shine brighter with perfect lingerie, beacause you feel well and save at any time. Not everybody is such fortunate.


This topic is taboo. It is estimated, that it takes an average of 3 years for someone to consult a doctor for incontinence. Others conceal their suffering from shame.

The good news: I am not (yet) suffering from it, the bad: I suffer from migraine.  The chronic disease has been with me for about 30 years.  It started when I was managing director of a small company.  Due to the time difference, I often talked to the parent company in the U.S. until midnight and came back to my desk at 8 in the morning.  That does not hang in the clothes.  The responsibility for success literally made me headache and then delevoped to a migraine.
I know all the pills, the medicinal herbs, treatments from alternative medicine, really the whole range.  Family and friends respond understanding, you get tips, people ask and worry.  No wonder, I share this fate with about 10 million other people in Germany who are also affected by this.

We talk about migraine, but not about incontinence, although the number of people affected is about the same.

In the case of bladder weakness, the willingness to talk about it is much less. This is one of the big taboos even if we have to assume 10 million sufferers in Germany, as the numbers of Insenio shows.

In fact the number due our demographic development will increase steadily in the future and the logical consequence that in the near future more people need incontinence protection, as babies diapers.

Perfect protection and lingerie design are no longer a contradiction!

Reason enough to think about solutions.  Reason enough to deal with this topic more openly.  Affected – and these are mainly women – want the feeling of underwear with optimal protection.  They wish that no one sees or smells it.  That they can travel and do sports like everyone else. That they can feel beautiful – like everyone else.  They want protection and well-being – also “underneath“.

Manuela (on the left) wears the new TENA Silhouette Noir

At the


around 200 invited guests could convince themselves that the brand new TENA Silhouette collection can really do both! Unbelievably convincing and confident models with and without curves presented a glamorous  Premiere on the catwalk in the Hyatt Berlin and showed, that from now on incontinence does not have to mean a renunciation.

Not comfort, not femininity, not protection.  Because TENA Silhouette offers a whole collection of one-way-pants to feel good for every day, every occasion and every activity.  Even under elegant shift dresses.

It impressed me how aesthetically and gracefully the models have shown, that normal lingerie does not have to be different from underwear for incontinence, in either color or shape.  The beautiful pictures of this innovative show are witness to that.

The new TENA Silhouette also convinced the models, who were able to infect the excited audience with their joy. With their sophisticated presentation, the models have taken the perceived borderline between continental and incontinent people for granted.  And even more: namely, all those who have courage, who as victims have daily to fight with shame and taboo.

If you want to share the feeling of underwear and the protection of TENA and try it out, you can order here a free sample of the TENA Silhouette.

From the Catwalk to the After-Show-Party

The audience was already celebrating the models on the catwalk like a “normal” lingerie fashion show and with this party mood the guests accepted the invitation to the After-Show-Party gladly. Quickly a sociable, cheerful evening after the show startet. no ice in the taboo theme any more, only ice in the glasses. With a glass of wine and a delicious flying buffet, everybody had fun

The framework program was full of attractions all women love!

At the well-attended booths there was professional make-up, nail design, impulse coaching, a relaxing massage and of course a professional photo shoot in front of the TENA Silhouette wall. A big special was the silhouette draftswoman, Anna Schwarzer, who created the perfect silhouette with incredibly skilfully strokes of each who desired.

Profi Make-up
Silhouette-Draftswoman: Anna Schwarzer at work

It was a great show and evening that passed by too quickly.

What remains is the awareness that you can live a normal life with bladder weakness feeling feminine and save with the new TENA Silhouette. 

TENA Silhouette Fashion Show

Thank you TENA for being part of that wonderful premiere.

Paid cooperation.


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