Hey Lovelies, autumn is coming!  Do you feel it too?  In the morning it gets increasingly fresher and in the evening you often need a jacket.  I admit, my well-being seasons are clearly the warm months, especially the hot days.  They really make me feel at home and I not even moan when the barometer hits the 30° mark.  But: as long as I hang up my hat in Germany, the cold months are also in the program and I am glad having beautiful clothing opportunities to uplift my mood especially for these uncomfortable weeks, the days with rain and dark clouds outside.

If it’s really nasty and disgusting outside, I just need it.  What could be more appropriate than to take a look at the trendy colors for the coming fall season?  To see what is already in my closet at home and which pieces I can complement in the best case, to come stylish through fall.  With everything shown on the catwalks, by designers and from all sorts of sources said to become best-off, I find it difficult to filter out which colors will appear as street style.

I reveal now which color-trend-choice I made for 2019:

brown nuances

The palette ranges from nude shades to cognac shades in all shades to dark brown.


is dominated by red nuances: tomato red and a bright, warm red. Red always has symbolic power while exuding a certain dominance, so we do not need frills or eye-catching accessories


Yellow itself, also curry or a warm yellow-orange.These yellow nuances we combine this autumn with boldly pink and blue tones.The combination with black is works always, of course.


Soft pink, old rose, powder and really bright pink.


From the blue color family the smoky pastel blue, royal blue (now called Princess blue) and dark blue.  You often see it in combinations with green and white.


Millennial purple it’s named by the designers.  Tender lavender is, what it’s ment to be.  Bold fashionistas wear it allover, as pants suit for example.  To get used to the new trend, you can also use small doses as an accessory.  The new color looks noble with powdered or beige.  Combined with Orange is new and unexpected.


Everybody knows: black runs ever and ever.  This A/W, black is particularly special because black parts are mixed in different materials (wool, leather or artificial leather, lacquer, silk, fake four, etc.).  That gives the old black a new fancy diversity.  The Insta-Fashion-Queens show the new styles already.


The best are: Check, floral, animal print. Pants, jackets, coats , cloaks, blazers – everything is checked!!! In the animal print mode, in which, strangely enough, the question arises again and again, the trend is really there now I can answer directly: yes, it is fully there.  It was there and probably it will always stay somehow.

And of course, I’ve looked around, where the trends can be easily shopped – also at reasonable prices.  I came across ORSAY and put together a few color highlights.

Enjoy the new colors!

A post in cooperation with ORSAY.



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