As you become older, you ask yourself questions, that you wouldn’t have thought of, years ago. 

For example: Whether there are over 50 parties, or whether the doorman will let you pass in the age of 50 an more.  And if so, what’s the best way to dress up as a pretty woman and not to make people feel upset about how one looks like.  Also other questions are from fashion interest, namely what is suitable for our generation and what is no go. Even if I prefer extravagance, I would not want to mess around with people asking me if I did not have a mirror at home.


Low-necked with Mini Mini.

This is a combination which always carries red light character to me, not red carpet.  In short: tastes always a bit slutty. I’m sure, you know what I mean: deep decollete tops in combination with skimpy mini skirts, which are just hiding the ass.  With nice and slim legs you can (you should) wear a short skirt, shorts or leggins in combination with an elegant top, to equalize your optical balance. Vice versa, yes, of course for those who have a wonderful décolleté. The total is what counts and your look should always be balanced.

Varnish and leather.

I love both materials. In addition, the fashion winter has a lot to offer, so you can easily be tempted.  Personally, I prefer to score with selected eye-catchers or selected details.  For example, with a skirt made of patent leather.  Then the rest of the outfit has to be elegant, so that the overall look is awesome.  Sexyness, I think is great, but for too much of it time’s up for over 50.

But enough of  the no goes and better talk about the trend-pieces in the upcoming season.

Two party-styles that can also be worn casual



You truely know: with a black colored outfit you’re always on the safe side. New in black is a great mix of materials.  The leggings is made of synthetic leather and has a slightly shiny touch.  The matching jacket is cut short and waisted.  The artificial leather inserts on the sleeves repeat the material of the pants.  Perfect for the evening is the long-sleeved lurex shirt, that gives the outfit even more shine.  As for daily wear you can combine a shirt in bright colors.  With sparingly used bright color accents you can put this A / W season a great fashion statement.  Outfit and bag: incognito, Heels: Michael Kors.

Winter-Trend >Glitter<: A glamor piece for many occasions!

True to the motto: “Shine bright like a diamont”, this wonderfully comfortable glittering dress is not only ideal for cool party nights. I suggset the warm color of the sequins flatters every skin type and the cut is so pleasing.  If you want a piece of glam also in everyday life, you can combine the sequin dress with cowboy boots, preferably in beige or light brown and a wool coat, as shown in the picture above.  Outfit & bag: incognito, Heels: H&M.

Tips for more casual styles

Trousers and jacket from the black outfit can be easily and casual worn in combination with Demin, for example. It fits perfect with the winter’s popular booties or ankle boots, both of which are even suitable for business use. As jacket you can also go for a midi or maxi length bright colord or pattern one. Fashionistas prefer to combine masculine-cut jackets in the upcoming season, which are a bit boxier and longer, so-called utility jackets.

To make the elegant dress look cool you combine a denim jacket and rough boots. I also see nude overknees to complete an awesome look together with this beautiful dress. I even discovered one of the fashionistas on Insta with a checkered long blouse.  Worn from that pretty young lady I love this look also, but I’m not (yet) conviced that is the right thing for our generation.

At incognito, I often meet customers who really like and style my looks.  I’m really happy about that and if you have any questions or you want individual tips from me, just let me know or write me.  I am always happy about feedback and open for any suggestions.

Have fun trying out or shopping online, hugs and kisses, Renate

Want to style that glamorous?


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