Exploring the world with my husband, exploring foreign lands and cultures, meeting many interesting people and chatting about them with a glass of wine at ease over God and the world – that’s pretty much the best thing for us two.  In these times, it is very controversial whether this is allowed at all – so to fly – because we burden our environment with it;  Words like ‚flight shame‘ make the rounds.  But I mean, not everyone can become a sailor right now.  And what a jam we would then have on the seas, where on peak days around the world already 200,000 airplanes  are in the air at the same time and I guess it will not be less in the near future.  Until alternative propulsion options are aviation-capable, airplanes will continue to bring us to the distant destinations of this beautiful world in the usual way – and safely back home, too.

Traffic volume in the air.


For all legitimate criticism of CO2 emissions must be granted to the aviation that you work with a lot of speed on the topic of sustainability and economical management of resources – as I learned from Dr. Johannes Bußmann, Chief Executive Officer Lufthansa Technik.  In his high-tension lecture, he succinctly and briefly outlined to the interested public that an aircraft will be re-invested in the cost of its life approximately in the acquisition costs.  That means, everything that is damaged or broken will be repaired or replaced.  And even when an airplane is taken out of service it is not over.  For all parts that can be reused, the journey continues around the world. They will be expanded and in turn serve as replacement parts for newer planes.

The experts: Dr. Johannes Bußmann (Vorstandvorsitzender Lufthansa Technik, left) and Sebastian Riedle (Geschäftsführer Miles & More, right) with moderator Bastian Neumann-Semerow (Manager Programm Marketing Miles & More, Mitte)

Exclusive, recycled products „Made in Europe“

As Dr. Bußmann went on to explain, it was by no means an executive board idea that pushed the idea of ​​survival forward: it have been Lufthansa employees who made suggestions on how to sustain a second life for further aircraft materials. With this idea Lufthansa, Miles & More and Lufthansa Technik developed within just one year an entire upcycling collection of exclusive lifestyle and design products and launched them finally august 29th 2019 in the Lufthansa Aviation Center in Frankfurt. Not only extremely creative pieces of furniture, which were produced in limited editions, but also the many practical travel accessories convinced the designers themselves in Teruel, Spain, together with the Miles & More purchasing team to inspect and select the parts for the collections.  This resulted in an exclusive product series,  which is now available online in the Lufthansa Word Shop under the name Lufthansa Upcycling Collection.  Of course, the Lufthansa World Shops also run the beautiful collection at selected airports.

The Lufthansa Upcycling Collection – travel accessories

“Bag” to life

As a “travel freak”, it’s no wonder I felt spontaneously in love with wonderful backpack – it’s timeless, trendy and easy to carry. Iit’s great for everyday use and traveling  of course. Isn’t it just great giving business class blankets, headrest covers, and safety cards (they reinforce the floor) a second life? And how nice is it to have the feeling that every part of this backpack has already traveled the world and was used in his past life of an infinite number of passengers.  For me personally this is a very special aspect.  A piece of life that carries emotion.  Even more emotion can be felt in the conversation with the designer himself. He is passionate when it comes to the Messenger Backpack and you can feel with which attention to any detail the experienced designer and CEO of Jost, Dietmar Jost, his knowledge and skills, talking about the needs and wishes of the customers united  in the new backpack.  Dietmar Jost is a perfectionist and I was very happy that I had the opportunity to change a few words with him from the large number of designer houses represented.

Dietmar Jost, CEO and Designer of Jost Bags
Messenger Backpack from the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection

Love little things

A very good idea is also the high-quality key fob, which originated from the aluminum shell of the Airbus A340.  The guests of the launch event of the Lufthansa Upcycling Collection had the great pleasure of receiving one of the 35.000 pieces.  A small piece of „skin“, which now has a second life on my keys and I hope, a beautiful one. Anyhow, one without hailstones, lightning and icy coldness. For me, a piece within guardian angel mentality-what do you think?

Key fob, made out of the aluminium shell of the airbus A340


Well then: convince yourself of  the beauty of the life of an Airbus A340 and all the products they’ve given an exclusive second life – on Lufthansa World Shop!

A post in cooperation with Lufthansa, Miles & More and Lufthansa Technik – thankful for being with you!


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