Make-up has always fascinated me and maybe it has something to do with my love for painting, for art, for everything beautiful and creative. Anyway, make-up is like a big treasure chest for me.  There are almost endless possibilities to emphasize your type and to show oneself on all occasions from its most beautiful side.  It can be virtuous and spectacular, but also quite natural with the emphasis on a few details.  Of course I can not do it perfectly.  There are make-up artists who have learned it and give your beauty with a few brushstrokes more or less the best “paint” and make blemish disappear.

Faszination of color


Exklusive professional tips for you:

Waltraud Ulrich is a professional through and through, has learned all beauty and makeup from the ground up. Even much more than that since she’s also health and nutritian coach.  She has been working in this business for 28 years, knows all the tricks and masters of her profession.  Every face is unique and a good make-up emphasizes the beauty and can also perfectly conceal small blemishes and bumps.  It is fresh and makes us radiant, all with simple techniques, and without the feeling of being “pasted in”.

But how to … ?

Waltraud Ulrich – professional Makeup Artist!

Wich makeup for which type?

Everyone looks different and everyone brings a different skin.  That does not make things easy.  In order to show different types, Waltraud and I have decided, based on the models who participated in the fashion show in Oberursel to show individualized make-up together with some valuable tips from the professional.

Dark skin type

Dark skin has a very own and demanding character.  She demands special make-up techniques and accents.  Despite discreet color accents Nadja shows a balanced radiant presence, which is underlined with glued eyelashes.

Light skin type

the make-up particularly accentuates the eyes and lips and emphasizes its radiance of dignity and clarity through the strict contouring in the cheek area.

Light skin type
& Over 50

Classic make-up moves the observer’s eyes between his eyes and lips.  As here at Renate, it results in a harmonious balanced appearance, which is a treat for every occasion and simply captivates viewers.

Light skin type
& Youth

Young and fresh, she radiates without any make-up, because her young skin is well cared for.  In her case, only small bumps are retouched and let the face appear evenly.  Small brush strokes with delicate colors, rosy cheeks and lipstick underline the youthful beauty.


Sascha and Markus also got a make-up that is normal on the catwalk today. But: you just can not see it and that’s the way it should be – through a brightened eye area, well groomed eyebrows and neutralized redding of the skin.

In one word: no makeup makeup

Become your own Pro

Learn easily how to highlight your very best side in Waltraud Ulrich’s Makeup Lounge, either on your own or with your friend.  Of course, you also get expert advice on everything that concerns and needs your skin. Holistic health, anti-aging and beauty management expects your benefits.

Your advantages:

  • Find a makeup that shows your best side and makes you feel good
  • Save handling with brushes and applicators – feel >like a Pro<
  • Perfect Beauty – drooping eyelids, redness, minor spots  …. Good bye!

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