„Here’s looking at you, kid!“ This is what Humphrey Bogart said to Ingrid Bergman in the film Casablanca, and indeed, at the first impression, the human being usually orients himself first to the face of the other person, a moment that always fascinates. It calls scientists to the fore  to interpret the literal eye-sight, and in fact interpretations can be derived from our eye-sight, such as:

  • whoever talks, blinks more than one who is silent
  • who wants to “make beautiful eyes”, “jingles”  In reality, it is a gesture of subservience
  • An intense look is seen as a sign of strength and charisma
  • Who wants to play “Eye Mikado” know who has the stronger nerves.  Simply following the motto: whoever looks the other way has lost.

One look says more than a thousand words

Apart from the scientific interpretations, I find that every look simply says a lot – you just have to watch it.  The eye speaks and that much more honest than the mouth.  Anyway, that’s what happens if you don’t play like an actor. And indeed you can find out how a persons feel: Despair, displeasure, grief, indifference, but also happiness and the greatest happiness.  If the eye-opening of a familiar person suddenly or inexplicably changes from the situation, you often forced to ask: “Something wrong?”

Die besten Morgenrituale für Topager

But I also find the length of a gaze contraption exciting, because being under a kind of permanent eyebrow is exhausting.  Also, the science has thought about it and found out that the optimal length of a visual contact is 3.3 seconds. A look that takes longer creates discomfort and sympathy points. Ergo: the dose makes the poison.

Considering all these procederes behind the scenes the more I’d like to give a sympathic look to my vis-à-vis and emphasize this probably first glance. That’s why for me eye make-up belongs to my daily make-up routine and eyeliner adds the final touch. My favorite is the classic eyeliner, which starts in the corner of my eye and gets bigger up from the middle tot he end. To finish, I tighten the lid to achieve a perfect result in the desired strength.  If you like, you can soften the contour with a cosmetic brush afterwards.

Which eyeliner look should it be for you? 

In addition to the classic variant, these are the most important:



Tightlining (eyelash compaction) is the technique in which one applies the eyeliner between the eyelash roots on the upper waterline.  For this you need an eyeliner with a particularly thin tip.

The 60ies style celebrates the eyeliner in XXL size.  Deep black and wide lined he is painted in tapering lines on the eyelid.  Amy Winehouse has made this expressive style her trademark, as did Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn.

Also very popular is the so-called “Wing” look, in which the eyeliner is pulled out like a “check mark” over the eyelid.  Which “wing” thrust is best for you and how long it should be in the best case, you just have to try it. It depends on your eye shape.

Derived from these basic forms, you can play with nuances, colors and variations to create different looks. Actually most fashion is the look >No Makeup Makeup<.  The eyes only slightly and naturally emphasized (tightlining), with a lot of blush on the cheeks.


Which eyeliner best suits you depends on the eye shape and the distance between the eyes.  For this you can weigh a few theoretical hints and just try them out.  In my experience, you should pull the eyeliner outward from the middle of the eye in small eyes.  Eyeliners that border the complete eye make them seem even smaller.  Same for close standing eyes.

From classic to extravagant the eyeliner remains the premium disciplin for eye makeup. Here as well counts: the easier and faster the better.  That’s why I use the Models Lash Liner by Brigitta B. Behrends, as well as her entire make-up line 40 Plus.  It convinces me every day again.  Because everything works perfectly and not only gives great radiance in the eyes – also in your face.

Cooperation with Brigitta B. Behrends


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