The Fashiontalk has already brought it on the streets: TARTAN is the pattern that never gets us bored.

In contrary: the timeless British charm is born to get wilder than ever and wins this season every fashion game. The square favorites we encounter almost everywhere, on jackets, coats, pants as well as on skirts and dresses;  not forgetting the whole range of accessories.  Why special: the Nordic Scots pattern is being redefined and modernized this season.  Above all rustic, stiking and large squares dominate the trendy fashion trend with emphasized masculine cuts and cool oversize jackets and coats. Looking up on the colours we stay in tradition as it was shown on the Fashion Weeks around the world. The color range was dominated by red, white, black, yellow and dark green.  Down the catwalk, the trend can be made suitable for everyday use.

With these 3 styles, you solve the quadratic equation 100%.


For every day and for me the perfect duo:

The combination with a Jeans makes the look really casual, modern and cheeky.  The loafers can be easily replaced with sneakers.  Simply a matter of taste.

Jacket H&M ca. 34,99, Pants Mango ca. 29.99, Turtleneck Hallhuber, Loafers Joop!, Bag H&M ca. 14,99



Tartan on Tartan: why not jump completely in the square?  After all, the trend accompanies us from head to toe this winter.  Additional advantage: you can combine the duo individually with uni-colored parts of the wardrobe and reinvent completely new styles for the winter instantly.  But beware: especially large prints visually compress.  I think you can see it in the picture as well.  Therefore I recommend the all-over look to rather tall and slim women.  Everyone else should resort to solid styling partners and combine eye-catching checks with plain-colored basics.  That always looks great.

Jacket H&M ca. 34,99, Pants H&M ca. 35.99, Turtleneck Hallhuber, Loafers Joop!, Bag H&M ca. 14.99



Styling for the office:

The college style gets a modern touch with the new blazer cut and the big tartan pattern. The combination is super comfortable for the whole office day.

Jacket H&M ca. 34,99, Pants incognito ca. 79,90, Turtleneck Hallhuber, Loafers Joop!, Bag Louis Vuitton


TARTAN all over: If you want to beat the trendy look, you can combine different pattern sizes.  For example, a larger checkered jacket with a small plaid pants or the other way round.  To bring visually harmony into the outfit, the  tartan patterns should come out from one color family. Same time ist dimming the wildness of the mix.



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