I mean, it’s time to think about beauty ideals and the relationship to one’s own body in a post.  Women who choose the official and advertiesed beauty criteria often have the same picture: dress size 36, at least 170 tall, therefore slim and, at best, wrinkle free, with lips by Angelina Jolie.  The snag is: it‘s not like that.  The fact that one’s own body image in most cases does not correspond to the (Insta-) ideal which often unfortunately leads expecially women not being able to accept themselves as they are;  feel bad about it.  It even affects their actions.  And I’m thinking of situations like at the beach, where curvy women in particular do not show up with swimsuits or group photos when someone comes to the back. They think, they are not nice enough. Here is the evidence for the contrary:

Curvy Model Manuela Schneider in her swimsuit

Body Positivity

I believe that we need to urgently question the value we ascribe to BEAUTY in general through a variety of influences today.  And is not the inner beauty of a human in doubt any more important than the transient shell?  At this point, we owe a lot to the body-positivity movement, because it makes more and more women aware of how unrealistic and discriminatory our beauty ideals are.  It is very important to continue the fight for more diversity in this spirit.  Because that’s exactly how we are, that is to say totally different.  And somehow it has to be that way.

Fashion knows no bounds, wether in age neither in shape

To believe that you can only look good in dress size 36 is simply a misconception.  Over the years, the figure changes in many women, especially when WOMEN come into the 2nd puberty (as I call the menopause, because I find menopause just an ugly word).  Sometimes the downgrading of the hormones cause a few kilos more, which takes many the courage for great fashion.  The same applies to all those who have always had something more on their ribs.  So what?!  Everyone is allowed to be like it is and therefore there‘s no need to give up trendy clothes or even hide in simple clothes. 

Manuela in a formfitting dress.


The opposite should be the case, because beautiful fashion with patterns and cuts that flatter the figure, do not only lead to a better self-image, they also strengthen the self-confidence and bring a very decisive feel-good factor in everyday life.  Manuela is a prime example that there is really great fashion for larger sizes and she knows how to skilfully put them into scene.  For years she has been modeling and perfectly mastering the play with colors, shapes and patterns.  I am always thrilled to see photos of her and we like to work together for my column on Bild der Frau.de.  Of course with good reason: we want to promote diversity and show that fashion knows no boundaries.  And even more striking: there are a number of styles that clothes her much better than me, such as the lace dress in the photo.

Manuela in lace dress.


A dress that suits her much better than me, because she has what I do not have, curves.  You can find even more inspiration for Manuela’s stylish looks on her Instagram account.

My suggesetion: Just feel good as you are and dare to deviate from the norms!


A guest post.


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