If you look at German households, you easily find out that we love Christmas trees, because annually are approx.  30 million trees get bought.  Then you find them standing in the living rooms, the Nordmann fir or the blue spruce, decorated and brightly lit.  But until they are sometimes with many nerves bare. I tell you why: They have to be well grown and nicely needled, even in the best case, like a Christmas tree from the picture book, which ends short of the living room ceiling.  When buying you can often see men who weigh now and marvel at the traditional green.  After all, they will not get any scolding from their honeys, just right before Chrismas.  That‘s not that easy – I’m talking from experience.  And my memory is, that in the vast majority of cases – sooo many years ago – there was a regular quarrel about it.  As soon as the tree was out of the flexibel tube, the errors came to light.  Holes where should not be, any branch grown crooked – even the really perfect tree we had probably never got hold of.  That’s why the poor tree was then shot in his holder X times until they had finally settled on a position sullen.  Mh, it’s not that simple: with the tree and Christmas and everything.

This is the way our Chrismas Tree came to our house when I was a child.


I loved decorating when the first hurdles were taken and the dirt was removed from the transport.  Needles and resin from the tree all the way to the living room.  Even under the eyes of my mother by no means funny.  But good.  Finally, the first stress test was passed and the tree was always nice in the end.  After all, everyone thought so.  Reminiscent of the reconciliation under the Christmas tree.  It was not that bad.

For us, it was a tradition that the traditional green no chain of lights hung, but real candles;  So with a holder – you know certainly what I mean.  Really „hyggelig“ I always found that and that is still the case today.  A beautiful tree is in the candlelight again so beautiful.  Dangerous too.  You have to admit that.  Nevertheless, I like to remember it.

Years later, when I was also “grown-up”, even with family we also had a Christmas Tree for us – of course. I tried to see the shape quite looser and spared us some of the pre-Christmas disputes.  Even with the lights, I changed that out of concern for the child and the house.  There was also a fairy lights and no tinsel, somehow it has gone out of fashion.

Again, a few years later – even when my child grew up to an adult – I learned that Chrismas is also possible without Chrismas Tree. Instead of the traditional green we have decorations everywhere in the house, fairy lights, glass containers with Christmas balls.  It is still cozy and cuddly, we find.  So you can make an impression, I took a few pictures and inserted them in the post.  Too bad that I can’t really catch the mood with my “photo opportunities”. But anywhere, perhaps I can give some inspiration of  how it can look like. And the big advantage is: No more huggling or watering and no needles nowhere.

What I swear: not to have a Chrismas Tree of plastic one day.

I hope, you have it quite cosy at home.




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