New in from the Pantone Color Institute:

»Classic Blue« is the Pantone Color of the Year 2020

Pantone 19-4052 Classic BlueThe timeless and durable PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue shows itself with simple elegance.  The color reminds, soothing and thought-provoking, of the evening sky.  The Pantone color of 2020 should also be an expression of our longing for a reliable and secure base on which to build a new era.  “Today demands trust and hope,” said Leatrice Eisemann, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute.

“The classic shade of blue PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, characterized by consistency and reliability, radiates 19-4052 Classic Blue anchored us securely in the here and now,” explains the color expert.


Hard to believe but true:

Hartjes adds the proper boots in >Classic Blue<!

With him you do not only stand on the named, reliable and safe base, but you can also rely on him completely in terms of quality and workmanship.  And: with this color you’ll land a bull’s eye in 2020.

Ladies Boots in Marineblau-Schwarz – by Hartjes

Anyone who knows me knows that I am certainly endowed with a certain willingness to suffer when it comes to perfect styling, and sometimes the shoe with a heel is just part of it.  I do not complain so quickly about a blister or tired feet.  Sometimes a woman has to do what a woman has to do.  And no, I have not yet thrown them completely overboard for convenience, but I also enjoy healthy, comfortable shoes.  If they are still stylish & modern and can be combined well – so much the better.

Fortunately, what I never did: I didn’t torture my feet infinitely when I was young and put them in pointed shoes for too long.  So I avoided deformations and annoying corns.  Today I am very grateful for that.

But back to the comfortable shoes.  As you may have learned from Petra’s previous post, we currently have a cooperation with Hartjes and are introducing different models with many details.  In this post, it’s my turn with the



As Fashiongirl I count on an attractive appearance. With the HIKE styling and comfort are a perfect match!


model. As a fashion girl, the total look also counts for me.  With the HIKE, styling and comfort go perfectly together for me!  The HIKE is of course exactly my thing – I think you can see it in the pictures and in the video.  Ideal companion to all sporty outfits, especially in combination with jeans.  But also casual, you can wear the HIKE great and those boots are also ideally suited for a marathon shopping, long walks and of course for all who have to stand in the job the whole day.  But as I said, not always the optics is first priority, but convincing here also the inner values.  And the inner values ​​captivate with their perfect workmanship and real joy when worn.  There is nothing that pinches or squeezes.  Slip in and feel good – at least that’s how I felt.  I guess that’s also because there are no seams in the entire forefoot area.  The shoe is just super comfortable and is extremely lightweight.  You really do not look at him, but he is very light on the foot and very comfortable.  Due to its robust profile, it is ideal for the current season and equips its lover for all road and weather conditions.

Conclusion: This is MY Hike and I have just become a real shoe lover of HARTJES. Not only because of the great color, but also because of the great and soft comfort!  If you have any questions about hike, just write to me.  If you want the Hike too, you can easily order it online – go directly to the shop here!

A post in cooperation with Hartjes – best quality made in Autria.


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