Oh, I’m a frostbite.  I love all the summer months and suffer from the cold in the winter season. I suffer not only from the temperatures, that bother me, no, I also soffer from the lack of light and the sun. So the only thing to do is travel to warm places or pack nice and warm.

From my wardrobe for the frosty days

Down jackets

Down coats are really essential to me. They give so much warmth and are pefect for every day use. I have a several colors and typs, like it happens in the age of over 50. Nevertheless black ist he color you can combine best and easiest. Ideal as a styling partner for all sporty outfits.  I often wear the jackets with thermal pants in winter and not just on winter holidays or on the slopes …


I love my parka from DONTFORGETTHEHYPE and it has been one of my top favorites for a few years now.  The color combination has never gone out of style, it’s just always great.  Why special: the fluffy interior, which you can take out, warms wonderfully and I always feel wrapped up warm.  I also like my leather parka for the not so cold days.  It is only lightly lined, but also holds up warm to 5 °.

I also really like the color.  It can be combined with many other colors: gray, black, beige are my favorite colors – especially gray.

Leather coat

Well, if you are against leather, I can not inspire you with it.  Anyway, I still love this peace.  It is classic and yet a little fancy, smooth on the outside – cozy lambskin on the inside.  Real fur just warms optimally, at least that’s my experience as a frostbite.  Why special: Such a lambskin coat can also be combined very well with fine outfits, i.e. when you go out for a special event, party, club – what ever – and it is frosty. It’s simply suitable for all outfits underneath.

Fashionable and cosy

I would probably never have chosen a pink teddy coat earlier.  But: not only the times change, but also the fashion and the own style develops.  Maybe I am a bit more fashionable now because of my job and my love of fashion, maybe a little crazy in such things.  Anyway, I love that one.  Brave to wear, but also stylish, cheeky, oversized and somehow pretty cool.  It harmonises perfectly with gray and silver, but also goes to winter white.  Black would be too hard for me personally, but of course it is also possible.  The coat in animal print has also been behind for a few years and when I bought it I would not have believed it to stay in vogue for so long.  But honestly: the part has totally proven itself.  It is collarless, which makes styles with scarfs easier.  In addition, it‘s more eager to combine than expected.  It goes with an incredible number of outfits and as the saying goes: the animal trend is never really there and never really gone – also a piece that always goes and keeps you nice and warm.

So my lovely Dears, I hope I can give you some valuable inspos with my tips for the winter time and wish you have it wonderfully warm!


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