If you want to go to distant shores in a climate-neutral way, you should be one oft he leading climate activists or should acquire a taste for closer travel destinations. In fact, the trend is different. Germans like to travel and much more every year.  Little is known as to whether a guilty conscience actually flies or drives or cruises across the world’s oceans.  Despite the great desire to travel, shipping companies are not missing the fact that environmental awareness generally increases, but nobody around the world actually does so.  Because: The number of cruise passengers is also growing steadily, most recently to approx.  2.7 million Germans (2018).

In order to take the wind out of the sails of the miserable ecological balance sheet of the floating cities, at least the friendly voice of TUI Cruises Bord TV promises that the reduction of CO2 emissions and environmental protection with all its components is understood as a continuous task.  TUI Cruises continues: “Today we drive with the youngest and most environmentally friendly fleet in the world.  And we always want to get better.  For the protection of the environment and the climate. “One of the videos also explains how emission reduction works at TUI Cruises.


The enormous ecological footprint stands in the way of making a cruise probably the most convenient way to travel to different countries with their metropolises / cities and islands on one vacation; the hotel room almost always in tow. While you would otherwise have to think about how to overcome the sections of the route between the different destinations, risk sweat and waiting, you can make your travel time on the high seas extremely enjoyable or just chill out.  The offer is not only huge and varied, but also ambitious. Spontaneously I cannot think of an alternative to the numerous options “under one deck” that you can choose between because you are finally on vacation.  From A Aerobic to Z zucchini, everything is possible on board.

In front of the "Überschau Bar" on deck 12. I recommend the Maradona Cocktail - without alcohol and delicious (included in premium AI)

On gourmet tour

To refrain from feasting on board the Mein Schiff and instead counting calories based on reading about healthy eating is a senseless undertaking, which is why I can only advise you to leave your modern, health-conscious conscience at home.  The service restaurants Atlantik Klassik and Atlantik Mediterran extend over two decks in the stern (Mein Schiff 6), which offer a changing, first-class 5-course gourmet or very nice and healthy menu every day.  “You can also combine everything with each other or choose two main dishes,” says Igor, convincingly friendly and always has a watchful eye over us and our possible desires in the coming hour. Newly surprised at the magical attraction of the self-service buffet restaurant Ankelmannsplatz, people who load mountains onto their plates and do not eat them or touch food and then put it back again. Oh, I would rather let our Igor ask me if he could serve the next dish. No matter if fingers were involved, at least I didn’t see them.

I also have to praise the GOSCH Sylt. Crabs, shrimps and matjes are just as tasty on the floating offshoot of the Sylt fish chain. When the stomach growls in between and for those who sleep late in the morning, the Day & Night  Bistro (self-service) is just perfect.  The dishes are freshly prepared and the meals correspond to the time of day or night. Different sorts of burgers are also available.

At the gourmet restaurants for an extra charge (Surf & Turf, Schmankerl with austrian foof), I did not try it myself.  The meat delicacies in the chilled display of the Surf & Turf certainly make lovers of the meat appetite and I would have no reservations about a first-class preparation.  Despite the surcharge, you should enjoy a glass of champagne after the sunset to experience even more romantic or to end the evening under the stars or simply to celebrate the moment at the Champagne Bar (behind the Diamant Bar).

Sports & Wellness

Swimming was never my thing, so I’d rather leave the 25-meter outdoor pool to those who enjoy splashing around.  I prefer the spacious fitness area and use it in the Premium All Inclusive.  I booked extra courses and individual lessons for an extra charge and will do it again next time.  All trainers are professionals and are happy to push you to your physical limits.  How cool: Sandra recognized me from a long-ago cruise (“Hey, haven’t you been on a cruise years ago…”) And Isabelle, where I went 3 times for personal training, told me that about 10% of the passengers regularly go to sport  And as an “old” cruise rabbit she knows: a few new faces always come in on the last day or the day before and then ask: “Can you just join in here or do you have to register for the courses?” Back home they can proudly announce: I did some sports 😊. In short: you can do a lot of sports on bord and on shore leaves to sweat in the sauna. Everyone just as he likes. Massages, beauty-treatments and a hair styling leave no welness wishes unfulfilled.

TRX will make you sweat...

On-board entertainment

When it comes to the art of entertaining people – in this case passengers – in a sophisticated way, I  have to name the theater and the studio. Professional dancers, singers and acrobats must love the floating boards because they convince.  When the curtain opens, they take you into their show, to the many extraordinary acts and let you totally forget everyday life.  If the theater is practically in front of your room and the way to go there is a little walk after dining, how would it be to refuse this offer?  Excluded – at least for us.

We were also captivated and excited by the actors from the studio.  A small place for modern acting culture and art.  Sometimes full of humor or melancholic or even profound.  In any case with all facets of the best entertainment and artists at your fingertips.  We actually had the opportunity.  One beautiful evening we met one of the actors (Marie Beiderwellen) at dinner in the Atlantic and: now we know more.  So f.e. that the actors are casted in Berlin and “thrown together”, so to speak. Within 14 days they have to learn their texts there (ohal!). They get temporary contracts (TUI Cruises) and there is even a hierarchy (actors 1, 2).  If an artist fails, there is not necessarily a second cast. In the worst case, a performance just has to be canceled. Marie Beiderwellen not only impressed us with her honest acting, but also with her open, friendly and authentic manner. Great that we met her.

I don‘t want to advertise for the casino (the game only takes place at sea), but it’s nice there anyway.

It’s the old play between gain and loss, between control and addiction.  For most on board, it is just a pleasure with a certain budget that falls under holiday enjoyment.  For me it is most beautiful to simply watch carefree and to be happy for those who go home with a plus.

In the atlantik klassik with the actriss Marie Beiderwellen (2. from left)

Rooms & Service

Just awesome!  Everything always great and that twice a day.  Sometimes I can hardly believe it, because it is simply pure luxury.  No shower cleaning, no sink cleaning – no “housework”. The towels are exchanged if you think it is necessary and facial washcloths are available on request. And: surprise – you open the cabin door and a new „animal“ sits on the bed.  Simply unbelievable what the boys are capable of and how creative bedding can be staged.  I would definitely like to advise TUI Cruises in this way – yes, express my unconditional request not to reduce this service, because that is simply pure well-being.  For that a very big THANK YOU!

If you want to know more about shore excursions and what it feels like to be with “crowds”, you can look forward to more cruise contributions from me. But now a few impressions to look at. Ship ahoy!


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