One thing is clear: the perfect body cannot be preserved and what does perfect mean at all?  According to our learned beauty ideal: slim, tight and wrinkle-free.  Just a Barbie – and at best with thick lips.  The thing is, that this ideal does not really correspond to so many bodies by nature.  Next question: do we want that at all?  If you look at the countless Insta accounts, then it is clear, yes we do.  If you sit down in a street cafe and look at the young girls, you will immediately realize that tuning is a trend.

It is also a fact: the sense of beauty is damn subjective and changes not only with “fashion”, but also with increasing age. And unlike our parents or even grandparents, who cared less about their appearance than we do, nowadays Women are “pressed” an infinite number of methods and means  not to look old. Anyway it’s really not, that I surrender to my fifties existence with a jogging suit on the sofa, but the forever-young hype is just beginning to take on dimensions that are quite extreme.  And not only that. That’s what they sometimes look like (my opinion).

Luckily there is also a kind of countermovement and I’m happy about every article that shows that “better” aging has made it into the league of supermodels from the 90s. Beauty icons that are around 50 today  say that their primary concern is not to give an ageless picture, but rather to stay well-groomed and healthy, which brings us to my favorite discipline.

I am convinced that a holistic approach is the best prerequisite, to stay attractive and beautiful, even if you naturally get older and the corresponding signs become noticeable. This includes sports, fashion, a healthy, balanced diet, sufficient sleep, a positive attitude to life, nourishing cosmetics and a beautiful make-up as well as nutritional supplements. As the saying goes: the dose makes the poison, because I generally don’t believe much of extremes.

Natural beauty comes from deep inside


To start now with an expertice about all vitamins and substances that we may be missing, I think of little help, since I am not a doctor and the need for additives is certainly very individual.  However, what certainly applies to all women my age is the fact that the skin loses collagen and hyaluronic acid.  If one of the skin is missing, wrinkles form and the skin becomes dry and brittle.  With hyaluronic acid-containing care products, whose molecules can penetrate the skin, you get, so to speak, help from above that can lead to the effect that the skin stores more moisture and consequently appears plumper and firmer. Ultimately, however, we lack the “smoothness factor “everywhere under the skin.  Hyaluronic acid is a main component of the connective tissue between the skin cells, fills and supports it.  Due to its ability to bind large amounts of water, it is also responsible for the moisture content of the skin. Where this filler is missing and the volume consequently shrinks, wrinkles are formed that they have been in.

To help the skin build hyaluronic acid long-term and sustainably, I have been supporting this process in depth for some time – where no cosmetics can get – with a hyaluronic beauty drink.  In addition to pure, vegan hyaluronic acid, the delicious drink also contains a number of additional vitamins and nutrients that counteract skin aging.  The dosage form is also convincing, because the drink is available in bottles together with a measuring glass, which saves waste.  All in all a great product that helps the skin stay radiantly beautiful from the inside.  Find out more or just order the visible freshness on

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