Those who use the german saying: >where does the shoe press< usually have grief and worries. The comparison is by no means so terribly far-fetched if you think about “wearing in” your new shoes. Brand new, they come on shiny soles and then cause us not only grief and worry, but even a lot of pain. The rest is well known.

Especially those with high heels are among the top bubble favorites, and no, as you know, I have not yet banished them to the corner because of this, neither because they have no great joy of running. Actually I still belong to those  who, because of the beautiful view, actually prefer to torture myselve on occasion.

Sometimes coincidences mean it well. And it was just such a good coincidence that I went to the Demography Congress in Berlin (you know I am an ambassador from the Bundesverband Initiative 50Plus) joked with the film team about my pain-plagued feet. After all, it is somehow normal that after 8 hours feet like to remain comfortable. The boss from the team knew the “yammering” from his wife and knew advice straight away.  He said: “I have a solution for you.  My little daughter calls them rabbit ears because they feel so cozy.  You can try it out, I’ll get you a few.”

A few weeks later came a small package with the cozy “rabbit ears ”. More precisely with the Lambtec lambskin pads that promise to protect against blisters and slipping out. The pads can also be cut variably. I personally saw no reason for this at first and proceeded according to the recommendations for use. To do this, pull off the film at the “interface”, compress and align in the center of the heel area, then stick it in place. Indeed, it feels much more comfortable without taking too much place in the shoe. And because it worked so well, I identified another spot – the one that annoyed the 2nd toe from the right. I first cut the pad and then glued it to the inside . What a luck: the test run went smoothly.

Incidentally the heel protection is available in color black and nature.

Really great, the lambskin pads from Lambtec! Learn more here and protect your feet 😊.

A Post in cooperation with Lambtec, 100% natural, 100% Made in Germany.


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