Easter is usually a nice family festival.  A few days off.  You can meet up with the family for some ours, go out together or just do some cookery at home. I love homemade asparagus, of course with breaded schnitzel and plenty of hollandaise sauce.   Usually you can feel around Easter that spring is finally here. After all, you are pretty tired of the cold season, including jackets, coats, hats, tights and whatever else keeps you warm.  Somehow it’s the time of year when I can’t wait to show my summer-manicured feet to the world;  to carry out my new styles in fashion trends for the spring season.

But there’s actually chance for going out,  because #westayathome. Since Corona everything is different.  I don’t think about fashion either.  To go out without tights anyway.  As I ponder this at my desk: ‘Puuhhh, who would have evere thought about a crises like that ?!’ Nobody.  You slip headfirst into science fiction and still have something like, that-can-not-be-in the back of your mind.  It would have been theoretically more obvious for me to think up such a scenario for filmmakers, but we probably write the most blatant stories ourselves, like 9/11.  It was also one of the world events where I thought I was on another planet. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to compare the corona pandemic to one of the worst terrorist attacks the world has ever experienced.  What it still has in common: you can not imagine such scenarios with normal common sense and it digs into the memory, changes life, marks a turning point.

The extent of the changes before which we will now have with, through and after Corona are not yet foreseeable.  At this point in time, we can only hope that the world will survive the pandemic reasonably well.  Health is the most important asset.  These days we get to feel firsthand what the  sentence means to each person and that there is so much truth in it.  At the same time, we also have to think about the economy.  That people can work again and earn their money.  For many, it will at least result in an income dip.  If it is not more than that, we were very lucky in the end.

So if Easter Resurrection Day is celebrated in Christianity on Easter Sunday, then I hope that after the crisis we will stand up again, respire, continue to hold together and do everythink possible to make the future more peaceful, friendlier and safer.  For everyone and all over the world.

Happy Easter.


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