Jörg Petersen has a partiality for beauties. He used to take pictures of them, now he paints them.  Also.  He doesn’t make a big deal out of the fact, that he has been one of the highly endowed star photographers of the fashion world for 30 years.  The list of his clientele reads like the who’s who of the design industry and from Claudia Schiffer to Nadja Auermann he had them all in front of the lens.  He created art with his camera;  with his curiosity for design, he gave his very special stamp to his photographie.  He finished with it 15 years ago.  Since then he’s painting. Out of passion, full of conviction and that’s how it is, his art: convincing, virtuoso, touching, emotional, uniquely beautiful, often also big in size.

You’ll surely notice from the first few sentences that he also thinks big, is experienced in the world and is open to all topics.  When he looks at you from the shadow of his hat, something radiates warmth, almost fatherly.  When the lips start to move, it seems almost mischievous.  His north German humor never lacks wit, his storytelling never lacks excitement.  Jörg Petersen is as engaging as his art. 






His 2nd career is almost inevitably a complete success, with his own galleries in New York and Zurich (Goldkind Concept Studio).  He paints and exhibits in his home town of Lübeck.  He was often asked the question of all questions, namely where or from whom he learned to paint.  Petersen is self-taught and his own professor.  With his brute energy, he taught himself all of this, he says himself, and goes on to say that painting also has a therapeutic character.  So wherever his brushes, paints, blank canvases and easels are now, he also lives – in his own studio with an estimated 500 pictures.


Jörg Petersen is supported by his gallery manager Bettina Jürs. She organizes his vernissages in northern Germany, takes care of guests and sales.  The fact that she is a particularly beautiful woman is least surprising and is not a question.  On October 31, 2016 we participated together in the final of the Miss 50 Plus Germany 2017.  ‘The world is sometimes damn small’ was my first thought when I discovered her on Instagram with the art of Jörg Petersen.  But that’s not all, because I also met the total artist at an event in 2017.  It is exactly these surprises that make life so exciting and are proof that you (almost) always meet twice.

The very first encounter with ‘Betty’ was spontaneously characterized by sympathy.  There was and is no competition between us;  more enthusiasm for each other.  She shines like that because she is completely happy and that is her “beauty recipe”. “You just have to do the things you are happy with”, she says and is infectious, with her good mood and a lot  positive energy.  When she was invited to a vernissage by Jörg Petersen in 2018, she spontaneously said to her husband: “That’s it, organizing such events, this fantastic atmosphere with lots of great people in the midst of this incredibly beautiful art.” 

Spontaneously they felt in a way connected this evening, there was always a word or two between the two and a little later the offer came in. Although Betty is still a passionate tournament and show jumper (I wrote about it – find the article here), she gave up her job as a trainer for the arts. „I just felt like doing something completely new in my life”, she says and is convinced that her life will continue to hold a lot of excitement. You just have to wish for it …

Betty with her show horse Mori’s Chin Loui


… Somehow it is inherent in both of them,  this self-determined drifting with the engine of what the heart longs for, and that’s also how Jörg Petersen lives, who is guided by the motif in the creation of his works  leaves and otherwise follows from his inner voice.  A mystical process and in the end it is always a look into my soul because it is the origin creator.

Those you’re interested in the art of Jörg Petersen or liked to join a vernissage, can contact Betty Jürs by mail: holgerteam@aol.com.

A Post for Betty. For the Art and Beauty. Renate


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