Maria Sugameli-Borchert painted them as a small child: the fine clothes – as 35 years later her label VESTIMENTUM PRIME translates freely.  She has always loved them, the beautiful clothes and colors.  When she says that, passion and fervor glow in her eyes.

As a daughter of Italian immigrants, the native of Frankfurt learned early on to deal with everything consciously.  There was no waste – no matter what – in her family.  As in many families and mine, by the way, there was clothing for Sundays and for working days.  Of course, the one for Sundays shouldn’t get dirty and if, there were tears.  It was also customary to pass on his clothes.  So they didn’t disappear into the used clothing collection or into the rubbish, but you got them from the family and passed them on when you grew out.  On what you had, you sewed around and shortened until it was literally applied.  “That shapes,” says Maria Sugameli-Borchert.

Timeless elegance: a dress in dark-blue


A picturesque alleyway in Oberursel/Ts: The ‘Strackgasse’


When she was a teenager, she started scanning people, wondering whether it really suits them, what they were wearing. It was often a bit embarrassing for her parents.  Indeed it was just a training for her perception. She practiced imagining colors and cuts in people and how they could look better. She pursued her talent for dressing people more beautifully and completed her studies as a clothing engineer and cutting developer with flying colors. Years in managerial positions followed. Even then she knew  that her path would go further, namely back to direct contact with the customer, because that’s what sets her apart, her trained eye for the right cut, her sure grip on the right color. In 2018, almost inevitably, her own shop opened in the Strackgasse 9 in Oberursel. If you take a closer look, the place reflects what is happening. You meet tranquility, beauty and quality in  in the middle of old, well-restored house facades that make people aware that it is worth keeping them, like Strackgasse 9 in the fashion of VESTIMENTUM PRIME.


Maria Sugameli-Borchert takes it very close with fabrics and accessories

While an incredible amount is written and said about addiction to consumption, consumption and our disposable mentality, Maria Sugameli- Borchert has long lived conscious minimalism and she also says why in the end it is so much more valuable: it is a basic requirement for longevity and physical well-being  opt for high-quality fabrics that do not cause allergies or irritation, because after all we wear the clothing on our skin.  She therefore pays close attention to the origin of the fabrics, how and where they are made, and thus follows you approach that goes much deeper than many who talk flowerily about fair production but ultimately don’t have the long chain of the manufacturing process in mind.


Also chemical refinements (they give the fabric special properties such as gloss, stiffness, no ironing) are out of the question for her.  Her collections are sewn in Italy and the sewers are paid and treated fairly;  she knows them and is regularly on site.  This way she can convince herself again and again that the working conditions are also right.  The bags from Vestimentum Prime are even handmade in Oberursel, and this reference to their own center of life is also important to her.

Classic and almost suitable: a skirt in grey.


Maria Sugameli-Borchert is convinced that we have to move away from consumption towards a timeless style that can be worn as long as the fabric allows it.  Her basics therefore only include 6 pieces, namely 3 pants and 3 skirts in gray, dark blue and black.  With them as basic equipment and of course with the right cut, you can do everything and be dressed perfectly every day.  Play with blouses, shirts and sweaters and always give the outfit a special and new, also trendy and modern touch.  She loves this game the most.  For her, counseling is the be-all and end-all, people show how they look “clothed” in the best case. She takes an incredible amount of time for that.


And, she doesn’t give only advise, she also offers courses and individual coaching to make women aware of this. Teaching how to use colors, shapes and cuts always takes place under the condition that you get the best for yourself. It just doesn’t make sense to have of everything “too much” and at the same time not having the “right” thing in your wardrobe.

That’s her home for passion and true love: perfect clothing.


And in the end she also has a tip for everyone: a blue suit fits everyone and the top changes everything.

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