Well, who doesn’t ?!  The originally blue trousers, developed for gold diggers and workers, have enjoyed an incomparable triumph in our wardrobes – no end in sight.  On the contrary: the invention of trousers, which its founding fathers, Levi Strauss (from Bamberg, Germany) and Jacob Davis patented, celebrates its 150th birthday in 3 years.  Until then, the versatile trousers in all fits, cuts, designs and colors will surely move across a lot of catwalks.  And since the designers are always coming up with new names for the different fits and cuts, I would like to bring some light on the jeans name jungle today.  For reasons of space, I cannot list all of them with their cut details here, but I can give an overview.

Skinny Jeans
Jeansoutfit by incognito


These Jeans fit


For whom


They differ mainly in how high the stretch percentage is.

Skinny, Super Skinny, Young Skinny Slim Fit, Super Slim Fit, „Tube“, Feminin Skinny, Regular Slim, Regular Fit, Straight Jeans, Straight Fit, French Cut, Push up.For all, who want to accentuate the figur. Also Curvy Model, Manuela Schneider with German size 44/46 looks simply great in her destroyed Regular Slim Fit Jeans!

Feel free and most comfortable.

Feminin Straight, Loose Fit, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Tapered, Peg Top Pants, Mom Jeans.This cut flatters any figure. Top Sellers right now: Peg Top Pants and Mom Jeans.

There’s always a boot fitting underneath.

Regular Bootcut, Bootcut, Flared, Marlene, Wide Leg.The bootcut in particular easily cheats a few pounds away.



My tip: you can often derive the shape from the mostly English term, such as  for example “tapered” = tapered and means that it tapers downwards.  In addition to all the beautiful names, about which you hopefully now know a lot more, it is mostly important that it looks good and suits comfortably.  Nevertheless, there is still a lot to tell about the cult trousers.  So look forward to more articles with me and about JEANS.

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