Anyone who did not come out of vacation in crispy brown previously had done something wrong.  After all, the ultimate tan from your summer vacation was considered an indicator of relaxing days at the beach.  And so you were greeted: “Oh, what a beautiful brown skin, it must have been a great vacation”. As a “flour sack” you get away pretty badly – I remember it very well in charming regularity. That many people burnt their skins, while lying for hours in the sun – sponge over it. Fortunately, this “fashion” has long been over, because the fear of skin cancer and other late effects of excessive sun consumption has converted many people, and that’s a good thing.

The pros and cons of sunbathing

Nonetheless, sun is just great.  It gently wraps you up with its warming rays, puts you in a good mood, gives you energy and activates the body’s own synthesis of vitamin D, which is particularly important for healthy bone metabolism (bone density).  And because it is so good when the sun’s rays touch the skin, nature has given it its own protection.  Depending on your skin type, you can be left unprotected in the sun for 5-15 minutes without risking skin damage.  Sun protection extends this period.  You take the sun protection factor as a multiplier with the intrinsic protection time and thus arrive at the duration that you can theoretically stay in the sun without sunburn (example 10 minutes x SPF 30 = 300 minutes or 5 hours).  For this reason, many use sunscreen products with a high SPF.  They think the higher the better and longer protected.  But that is a fallacy.  Apart from the fact that the idea of ​​barbecuing in the sun for 5 hours without a break produces more pictures of roast chicken than of a healthy tan, it is somehow obvious that the skin has differently sensitive areas and also some protection through perspiration (sweat)  must flute, even if the means of choice is called waterproof.  Relubrication is therefore the magic word of relevant advisors and this at the latest every 2 hours.  In addition, even a high SPF never filters 100% of the UV rays.  This is also a point that is often forgotten.

Skin Vital Concept

From UV-A and UV-B rays

The effect of these types of sun rays can be derived well.  A stands for aging, B for burnt skin;  so to speak: sunburn.  Both bad, but easy to remember.  So the message is clear, frying is not the idea.

UV-A rays can

  • destroy the collagen fibers, causing the skin to lose its firmness and become wrinkled.
  • trigger sun allergies and pathological light reactions trigger
  • skin tumors cause

UV-B rays can

  • dry out the skin
  • cause sunburn
  • cause skin cancer

But good News: taking care of some important rules you can easily enjoy your sunbath and look like sunkissed. Here weg go:

Skin Vital Concept

Sunbathing with intellect

  • Avoid sun tanning with noon midday sun (11 a.m. – 3 p.m.)
  • Apply good and regular sunscreen or sunscreen and ensure a balanced ratio of UVA and UVB protection
  • Less is more:  Take a break after 30 minutes and you tan longer and reduce moisture loss.  If the skin already shows redness then avoid sun and stay in the shadow.
  • Basically, never spend more than 2-3 hours a day in the blazing sun.
  • Apply sun protection at least 20 minutes before sunbathing so that the sun filter can develop its full protective power.
  • Slowly get the skin used to the sun.
  • Do not use deodorants or perfumes in the sun.
  • Use plenty of after-sun after sunbathing, preferably those that contain an extra portion of anti-aging active ingredient.  You can do that to refill the moisture depot and at the same time counteract skin aging caused by light.

Why I use Skin Vital Ultima Sun Protection 20

Finding the “right” thing for yourself from the seemingly endless range of products is a bit like the well-known needle in a haystack. Many rely on sun protection factor 30, compare prices, read advice or listen to what the girlfriend is looking for  the best product ever. Sometimes the path also goes to the cosmetics trade, because from there you hope for expert advice and you often get what is supposed to be sold, because it is quickly scanned how your buying behavior is. E

Especially effecting face to décolleté, arms and hands, I was never happy with the solutions, because the stuff somehow smears, regardless of whether you spray or apply cream. If you want to wear make-up because you may be invited to a summer party or use makeup anyway, it really gets difficult. So my tip: try Skin Vital Ultima Sun Protection 20. This is so great because you just need it spray on. The mist is so fine that you don’t even have to spread it with your hands.  This is a huge advantage, especially on the face, because the make-up remains completely undamaged.  It is none greasy or sticky, feels wonderful and smells great too.  At the same time, it cares for your skin and protects against skin aging with a built-in filter against UVA and UVB rays.  According to the manufacturer, you can use the spray for 12 months after opening without losing its protection.

And because the spray is so brilliant, I was able to negotiate a trial price with Skin Vital Concept for you.  The bottle for 59.00 EUR instead of 65.00 EUR including free shipping in Germany.

Simply order from me by mail.  The super special offer is valid until June 30th, 2020.

You still have questions?  Then just write me an email

Skin Vital Concept

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