Dreary mood – dreary colors – the fashion summer 2020 is actually colorful. 

By > actually < I mean the color trends that the designers presented to us long before Corona: bright colors, dots and also the entire range of natural tones, some plain, some in patterns that bring us a touch of Africa here in Germany.

Dots around


But somehow I can’t get rid of the impression that the general melancholy has already crept into our wardrobes.  Because I have not yet been able to discover much of the new fashion on the street.  It almost seems as if many have lost interest in the current trends under Corona.  Of course, this is no wonder, because when choosing clothes, the subconscious mind has a weighty word.  We humans choose our wardrobe according to the mood.  What we wear ultimately reflects how we feel.  So it is no wonder that we are all not really after color and not after the latest fashion craze.  I do not know whether this can be demonstrated psychologically, but for me the thing also works the other way round.  Means: when I feel bad, I put on good mood clothes and immediately feel better.  Anyone who sees my pictures and maybe thinks that I have a subscription that is always good is wrong.  It is with me, like everyone else: sometimes up and down.  So it takes ideas down there to get back up.  So that would be my tip for the general situation: trendy-casual outfits with fresh colors, make-up & red lips against melancholy.


Summer’s awake





Somehow we have to run out of time, want to give us courage to finally leave the crisis behind us.  How about happy, fresh outfits that bring our mood back up?  And also: The many stationary retailers also need our support.  While many of us bought vouchers in their favorite stores during the lockdown, after a first shopping euphoria, retailers complained about sales difficulties.  In many places I can already see discount signs of 30 percent or more on the current summer goods.  So the first bargains could wait and refresh the wardrobe a bit.

I love this feel good fashion – and what about you?


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