how we bring the jungle home this summer! 

The Fashion Designers all over the world keep saying: the animal print is never really out.  This year, wild cats and Co. actually sneak back into our dressing room.  Same beautiful but different.  Because: The leopards, tigers & zebras do not come alone, so to speak they have the whole colorful jungle with them and spread real tropical flair with their prints.


It is as if the trendy prints are playing with our longing for nature.  Dry cracked sandy soils, fern branches that sway in the wind, rain-filled, colorful flowers and plants from the tropical forest in a mix with wild cats.  It is probably exactly this picture that the fashion designers have followed for the trendiest parts of this summer.  With colors that absorb the dust as well as the temperatures from cool to boiling.  On the scale from sandy beige to khaki tones to darker green tones, everything that nature has to offer is therefore included.


How nice that you don’t have to plan a trip to Africa to wear the modern safari look.  Such a touch of Africa is infinitely good on the skin in times like these – at least that’s how I feel.  And when I look at the prints like this, it’s like I can take the distance home.  Breathe the hot, dry air, feel the floor there under my feet.  I find the most beautiful the new safari look on blouses, dresses and bags as an eye catcher.  And: because nature intended it, preferably with natural tones in a mix.  In addition, I combine chains and bracelets in ethnic look, as well as comfortable flip-flops. 


Curvy Model Manuela Schneider has also brought the so-called urban jungle trend home, in the truest sense.  The trend is not only moving into our wardrobes, but also into our homes.  She celebrates the tropical style artfully with a tight short halter dress.  I can only say it again and again: sexy and chic goes in all dress sizes!  Have fun in the fashionable tropical forest and see you soon!



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