It is well known that we Ladys over 50 have already long left the dusty image and the beige quilted jacket. In contrary: we still look fresh enough for stylish clothes, a beautiful make-up and a modern, active lifestyle.  I have long wished that the right statement shirts were finally available.  Cheeky and funny with a dash of provocation.  A tingling idea that we don’t take ourselves and the wrinkles so seriously.  Nevertheless feminine and light with a desire for summer, sun and joie de vivre.

And because there are no such statements on stylish shirts, I have designed a few that I present to you in this post. 


When developing the idea, I naturally also thought of fair and sustainable production and took this into account in the selection.  Everyone can no doubt imagine that at this stage I can neither monitor the production nor the production chain or the process.  If my idea pleases, it will be one of my next tasks to deal with it more closely.


5 Euro per Shirt for a healthy environment!

Since I am always guided by thoughts of doing good, 5 EUR per shirt should be used for a purpose that is worth supporting.  Not only because the purpose makes sense, but at the same time it ensures that the donations arrive 100% where they are needed and do not seep away in dark channels.  I chose the ANU, the working group for nature and environmental education (non-profit association).  The ANU Federal Association supports the realization of nature and environmental education and education for sustainable development in order to improve the way citizens deal with the natural environment.  If you like, you can find more information on the association’s website.  Another basic aspect ist, that the association is based in Frankfurt am Main and I can therefore speak personally and directly to the people on site without any great distances.  Because I want to know where the money arrives and how it is used.

Your opinion ist important to me!

And now there is actually a call from me, in which I heartily ask you to write me your opinion.  Suggestions, wishes, criticism – everything is welcome.  Because: it is the phase of experimenting and trying out whether you like the idea.  I would like to develop the project further with your support.

To be honest, I would really be annoyed people steal oder imitate my ideas, but maybe my loyal readers include designers of fashion labels or people from their surroundings would be interested in working together.  Then just hit the keyboards ….

I will publish a few posts of the new Statement Shirts on Insta shortly and am already looking forward to showing them dressed.

See you soon and on this channel, your Renate

Advertisment. Price per Shirt about 59,- EUR.


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