Although Gin has been back in vogue for years, it has not really reached me to date, which is probably simply because I know too little about clear alcohol and apart from the classics – gin tonic & gin fizz – little of  have tried the trendy hipster mix creations.

The storytelling is more than promising, because the drinks are currently so hyped that it is difficult to get past the Gin.  Anyone who is „in“ drinks Gin.  So if Gin were human, he would wear a full beard and horn-rimmed glasses. 

In my mind, this picture somehow fits with the fact that the trend mix has a very long history that started in the Netherlands.  The gin was invented there by a German doctor.  History says that a brandy with juniper under the name of genever (derived from the Latin name of juniper) has been distilled as a drink and medicine since the 16th century at the latest.  The inventor is a German Guy, born in Hanau named Franz de la Boë, alias Franciscus Sylvius, who with his genever treated febrile seizures.  From there, the new “brand” made its way into the world and is now one of the hottest mixed drinks around the world.  According to the Gin Map there are already 5,498 different types of Gin, which are produced in at least 68 different countries.

Although I don’t dare to ever become a gin connoisseur, I have found a Gin long drink that 100% matches my taste profile.  And this is how it happened: we visited friends who offered us a Gin mix as a welcome drink.  My associative enthusiasm was limited for inexplicable reasons, but since such a brain makes a decision in milliseconds, curiosity and color prevailed.  A nice, clear pink in a long drink glass with ice cubes clinking together, I just couldn’t say no.  Even better the taste that followed the toast.

It is a note of fresh, tart berry with a slight sweetness of wild berries.  The Gin is by no means dominant, but fits harmoniously and results in a summery, easy-to-drink composition that seduces you not to leave it with a single glass. 

Here are the ingredients:


The preparation is very easy!  Simply mix the two components in a ratio of 2/3 and 1/3, that means 2/3 wild berry and 1/3 gin.  Add a few ice cubes and you’re done with a delicious summer long drink!  Note: Be sure to use Wild Berry from Schwarzwald Sprudel.  All the tonics that I have tried alternatively are not suitable.

Larios Rose Gin

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