My personal joy that socks and tights can finally stay in the closet couldn’t be any greater, and my general anticipation for the “hot” days could not be higher. Probably it is simply because I am a real frostbite and always get cold feet even with European temperature averages. So now is my time and finally the opportunity to start again with summer sandals & co. Since I already have enough encounter with “sitting shoes” – those you can sit better with than run – I put my focus at the beginning of this summer season on COMFORTABLE AND BEAUTIFUL and today I present my favorites for the summer months:

As a favorite,

I have these wedge sandals with comfortable wedge heels in cork  Optics in the trendy nature look. Why my number 1: The crossed design with the adjustable sling strap gives the foot a non-slip stop and  they are also suitable for feet with a hallux approach.  Due to the platform height at the front, the shoe runs much flatter than it looks at first glance.  These Wedges are an all-round talent who actually enhances every outfit and gives it a fashionable, feminine touch.

Wedges cognac

Top trend: Wedges

If you don’t want to go a high platform, wear the trendiest summer companion with a wedge heel.  They come in many different versions.  Whether with raffia, cork or profiled soles – whatever you like is allowed.  The great thing about this type of high shoes is the wide heel, which offers a comfortable fit and a secure hold.  These two variants also complement each outfit in beautiful harmony and not only make great feet, but also legs 😊.

Wedges schwarz

Trend colors Yellow & Pink

I encountered these two colors in my “shoe casting” in so many shop windows that I present them here using two examples.  A sun-yellow mule that not only exudes real summer vibes, but is also a great eye catcher for hot summer days. Of course, comfortable sneakers are just as much a part of the selection and have also been extremely popular for all dress and skirt lengths since last year at the latest.

Sommerschuhe 2020Espadrilles –

I still have to show them, because in the SS 2020 they even go through as office-compatible.  In any case, if it comes to the catwalk chic that the designers showed in spring.  The soft shoe with braided sole and holiday flair takes off into the big city area.  For me, the espadrilles remain the epitome of a holiday laissez-faire feeling, but still belong in the top fashion shoe tips for this summer.



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