SUMMER.  SUN, BEACH AND SEA.  It’s what connects me to the pure desire for summer;  Associations created that give ultimate joy and zest for life.  Finally gone away from home, hear the sea rustle, breathe the warm, salty sea air, feel the warmth and enjoy life.  For me, the longing for it must be in the genes, because I literally bloom when the sun is shining, can recharge my batteries and drive down.

My steadfast wanderlust couldn’t stop Corona either, because I just did it, namely booked a vacation.  KOS.  – Sun and sea were days of lightheartedness.  The pros and cons are big, because the fear of infection is still there, especially when you look at the infection process worldwide.  I take this very seriously because I also know about people who had COVID 19.  What they report is terrible because it wasn’t just flu symptoms.  The course of the disease can be dramatic, or so they report.  One says: “It is as if someone is stabbing you in the lungs with a knife” and the other, who has been under artificial respiration for weeks, says: “It was like suffocating alive”.  Phew, that’s scary.  So you take precautions with the means that are available.  Mouth-nose protection, disinfection, wash hands, keep your distance.  That is the be-all and end-all. In Greece, the Corona protection measures standards are extremely high, I report extensively on this in the article >Holiday tip in Corona times: KOS!  (1)<. (Coming out Wednesday next week)

Of course, in addition to all precautions, nothing should be forgotten for the beach and pool if you want to stay there pretty and without sunburn.

Word has got around that you have to protect yourself from the sun.  But how?  Right and important: high-quality sun protection, sunglasses and headgear are the basics.  In addition, you have to know that the often advertised sun creams (SPF from 30) do not offer 100% sun protection.  What is much more important: regular application and regular stay in the shade.  I use the skin spray from SKIN VITAL CONCEPT for my face.  The big advantage of this spray is its triple protection.  The microfine spray nourishes, protects and counteracts premature skin aging.  And the best thing is: you can even spray it on your make-up without losing its effectiveness.  I use Binella’s sun spray for my body.  This also maintains and protects “oil-free”;  it also makes a great tan.  I also like a bit of color on the face on the beach.  Except eyeliner and mascara I only use the Super Stay 24H lipstick from Mabelline.  It just last all day.

Keyword swimwear.  You now wear multicolored.  This means that the trend is when the top and bottom of the bikini are not the same color.  The bikini tops are usually one color and you play with the color and pattern of the bikini bottoms, so to speak.  On Shein you can get great parts for little money.  That’s where the bikini comes from the picture.  Swimsuits – even the super stylish ones with cutouts – are currently not going well.  I haven’t seen a single one-piece during the whole vacation week.

Beach bag and reading.  I love my spacious denim beach bag because there is just enough space for everything: the beach towels, the cosmetic bag with all the beauty utensils, a book, a magazine, a bikini to change, or sports equipment and also the important bottle of water.  Sure there are more noble versions, but I love them because I can wash it.

Fashion Icons for Sea and Beach

StrandklamottenThe blue overall It is light and airy and can also be worn as a quick get-together on shore excursions.  The other two beach dresses are also comfortable and airy.  You can also wear the striped shirt super stylish over jeans.


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