We all know that restful sleep is a basic requirement for performance. Anyone who slept well and wakes up well rested in the morning can start the day powerfully.  But what exactly constitutes this restful sleep differs from person to person.  Some need at least 8 hours to feel well rested, short sleepers take around 5 hours.  Others swear by the best sleep before midnight and still others say that you can only sleep well with the window open.  Ergo: everybody has its own individual biorhythm and its own judgment of what “sleep well” means.  For 77%, restful sleep means ‘SLEEP THROUGH’, and that definitely applies to me too.  I don’t like waking up in the middle of the night and going to the bathroom because I have a partner who snores.  The noises often mean that I cannot find my way back to sleep that is so elementary for me.  The next morning I feel exhausted and am not available for special challenges.  In women in particular, menopause is often noticeable with sleep disorders.  So I can feel very well how exhausting it is not to be able to sleep through – whether because of “background noises” or menopausal symptoms or the many other reasons that can disturb our comfortable night’s sleep.

Apart from the personal interpretation of the quality of sleep, it is clear that the regeneration and repair of the skin cells mainly takes place at night. Hormones are partly responsible for the renewal of damaged cells and skin tissue, mainly in the deep sleep phases. So when we stand in front of the mirror in the morning, fresh and dewy, our complexion shows a fresh and healthy complexion.  Insomnia or lack of sleep tend to develop wrinkles; the skin looks pale and lifeless.

Bladder weakness

Another reason for poor sleep can also be bladder weakness, because many people can only sleep well if they feel safe and comfortable. If there’s any fear to leak urine restricts  not only during the day, but also at night.  In addition, nobody likes to talk about it and many only dare to talk to a doctor about it late.  The reasons can be very diverse and it is important to have the cause diagnosed by a doctor.  He may recommend, among other things  sports activities that can strengthen the pelvic floor and improve bladder function.  Unfortunately incontinence disappears, despite all means, not overnight.  So that you can still enjoy life in a relaxed way, TENA has developed a whole range of incontinence products that meet the demands of fashion-conscious women.  Last summer I reported directly from the TENA Fashion Show in Berlin about the launch of the protective TENA Silhouette disposable underwear, which is also available in black.  And now there is a new highlight, namely optimized protection for the night.  The new TENA Discreet Normal Night protects safely and comfortably thanks to its special shape and ensures a relaxed sleep, which for me is simply the most ingenious anti-aging recipe.


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