Nobody would ascribe me missing body care, rather the opposite.  And yes, I see care as an overall program, from head to toe.  My routine therefore starts with hair care and ends with foot care.  Nevertheless, I also know the famous bad hair days;  Days when you think when looking in the mirror: “Oh my God, how do I look today?” Then I get into the shower with a face mask on, and while shaving my legs, I take a look at my beautifully varnished feet and think when getting out: it’s as it is, let’s just make the best of it, you my body and I.

While on vacation I got a beauty magazine in my hands and I could only see one thing while leafing through it: Renate,  you let yourself go to waste. Nice approach writing down page by page and decoratively illustrate what I don’t do. Lots of beauty helpers that I didn’t know they exist and even less that I urgently need.  When I read what I should do for a smooth chin, a tight pa, a beautiful chest and a young intimate zone, my potential need for optimization. What the hell – it’s going to be crazy  .  But: not enough of it.  A few pages further, the ideal female nose.  To be precise: inclined slightly upwards at a 106-degree angle, measured from the lower edge of the nose to the upper lip.  Well, I don’t wear a dream specimen like that on my face and still like my prongs.  Those who are dissatisfied can now dare a nasal injection (liquid nose job) as an alternative to rhinoplasty, the risk of blindness included.

The cosmetics business is worth billions.  There is money to be made from beauty and a lot.  From those who offer it and from those who embody it.  You are amazed when you look at it.: that in our culture great scientists earn less than them topmodels.  Ergo: Beauty pays better than intelligence.  Or?!  Crazy world – but that’s how it is.  Just as crazy is the view from the high-gloss beauty shop into reality. What the German woman actually spends on average for personal care and decorative cosmetics remains difficult to say, even after a detailed analysis, because the results fluctuate.  Let’s put it this way: the estimates range from EUR 160 to EUR 300 annually.

One thing is certain: there is no tight body for that, and also none of the luxury wrinkle killers.

Beauty diversity.

And that’s exactly why I stay as I am and with my tried and tested maintenance dose.  The most important thing in front of every mirror is and remains that you like yourself for who you are.  What is part of my daily care and wellbeing program I will write next week and maybe there will be a good suggestion for one or the other.

And in the meantime: just keep taking care of your skin and enjoy beauty to the extent that it is good for you.


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